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Yakubu Dogara Lobbies for appointment as Minister in President Tinubu’s cabinet

by NaijNaira
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Yakubu Dogara Lobbyig for appointment as Minister in President Tinubu's cabinet

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The Bauchi APC Concerned Forum has requested that President Bola Tinubu appoint former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, as a minister in his cabinet.

The group’s chairman, Alhaji Musa Kawule, praised Dogara’s patriotism and excellence in service to the country, as well as his outstanding track record.

“There are many insinuations making the round that Yakubu Dogara was against the Muslim to Muslim ticket before the conduct of the general election, I want to say that Dogara is not a religious fanatic nor is he bias in his judgements. He embraces everyone, irrespective of one’s religion, tribe and political party. He was only showing patriotism to how things are done in the past where the president candidate is a Muslim and the Vice-president candidate is a Christian.

“Dogara’s achievements are too numerous to mention, he was instrumental to the establishment of the Northeast Development Commission where a lot of development has already taken place in the region. He has also brought development to Bauchi state where he built schools, constructed roads, places of worship and empowered people of the state, especially in his constituency,” he said.

Kawule also noted that Dogara was instrumental in securing President Tinubu’s nomination as the APC flag-bearer during the presidential primary election.

The group believes that with the likes of Dogara in his cabinet, President Tinubu will be able to achieve more development for the country.

They also urged the president to consider Bauchi state for ministerial appointment, as Dogara is one of the strong pillars of the APC in the state and played a key role in delivering his constituency and many seats for the party in the National Assembly.

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