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YouTube reportedly testing new online games product called Playables

by NaijNaira
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YouTube reportedly testing new product called Playables for online games

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According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, YouTube is testing a new product called Playables that allows users to access online games directly on the platform.

This move is seen as a potential new source of income for YouTube, as the platform already earns money from gaming livestreams.

Playables will be accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, and users can play them on the YouTube website or app.

While the report mentions Stack Bounce as the only game currently available for testing, it suggests that there are several others in development.

This product launch comes at a time when advertising spending is declining, giving YouTube another way to generate revenue from the gaming industry.

While Google’s previous attempt at a gaming service, Stadia, failed to gain traction, Playables has the potential to succeed due to YouTube’s massive audience.

This product is similar to Netflix’s gaming initiative, which offers casual games to paying users on mobile devices and is reportedly expanding to include TV games that use phones as controllers.

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