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You No Longer Need Netflix, Here’s How LG TV Has Made That Possible for Free

by Thomaz Oseghale
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You No Longer Need Netflix, Here's How LG TV Has Made That Possible for Free

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When it comes to the best OLED TVs, LG is always high up the list. Not content with only providing the best panels, LG has just revealed a great free streaming update that means you can also wrap your retinas around some of the best streaming shows and movies too.

New LG Channels Line-Up

In the UK and much of Europe, LG has expanded its LG Channels line-up. Owners of LG TVs made from 2016 and later will benefit from the new LG 1 streaming channel. Although it’s ad-supported, the addition of shows from Sony Pictures’ Sony One channels, including Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul, makes it worth considering.

Great Content Selection

Aside from the popular shows like Breaking Bad, LG’s free streaming service also offers a range of movies from Sony Pictures’ channels. Titles such as Step Brothers, Jerry Maguire, Men in Black, and Seinfeld are available for free. Additionally, a partnership with Lionsgate brings even more shows to the table.

LG’s free streaming upgrade adds significant value to their TVs. Even if you’re not paying for other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, you can now enjoy a wide selection of quality content without any additional cost.

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