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What Happens When You Subscribe Twice on GOtv?

by Thomasina Oseye
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What Happens When You Subscribe Twice on GOtv

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Have you ever found yourself accidentally subscribing twice to your GOtv bouquet? It can happen to anyone, but what happens when you pay twice on the same bouquet?

In this article, we will explore the outcome of subscribing twice on GOtv and how it affects your account.

Understanding GOtv Subscriptions

GOtv is a popular digital terrestrial television service that offers a variety of channels and bouquets to its subscribers.

When you subscribe to a specific bouquet, you gain access to the channels included in that package for a certain period of time.

Typically, GOtv subscriptions are valid for one month.

This means that when you make a payment for a specific bouquet, you are granted access to the channels in that bouquet for the next 30 days.

At the end of the subscription period, you will need to renew your subscription to continue enjoying the service.

What Happens When You Pay Twice on the Same Bouquet?

Now, let’s delve into what happens when you accidentally pay twice for the same bouquet on GOtv.

When you make a second payment for the same bouquet before your current subscription expires, your account will be reconnected for an additional two months on that same bouquet.

This means that instead of your subscription expiring after one month, it will now last for a total of two months.

During this extended period, you will continue to have access to all the channels included in the bouquet you subscribed to.

It’s important to note that this two-month extension only applies to the specific bouquet you paid for twice.

If you have multiple bouquets on your GOtv account and accidentally pay twice for one of them, only that particular bouquet will be extended for two months.

The other bouquets will continue to follow their regular subscription periods.

How to Avoid Accidentally Subscribing Twice

While subscribing twice on GOtv may result in an extended subscription period, it’s always best to avoid this situation to prevent any unnecessary hassle. Here are a few tips to help you avoid accidentally paying twice for the same bouquet:

  1. Keep track of your subscription dates: By knowing when your subscription expires, you can avoid making a second payment before it’s necessary.
  2. Set reminders: Set reminders on your phone or calendar to alert you a few days before your subscription expires. This will serve as a reminder to renew your subscription if needed.
  3. Double-check before making a payment: Before making a payment, ensure that you haven’t already paid for the same bouquet. Take a moment to review your payment history or contact GOtv customer support if you’re unsure.

By following these simple steps, you can minimize the chances of accidentally subscribing twice on GOtv and avoid any potential confusion or inconvenience.


Accidentally subscribing twice on GOtv can happen, but it doesn’t have to be a major issue. When you pay twice for the same bouquet, your account will be reconnected for an additional two months on that specific bouquet.

However, it’s always best to avoid this situation by keeping track of your subscription dates and double-checking before making a payment.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you have subscribed twice, you can contact GOtv customer support for assistance.

They will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that your subscription is managed correctly.

Remember, staying informed and proactive is the key to a seamless GOtv experience!

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