Zenith Qwerty Banking is a New Innovation

I have gushed a lot about a particular feature of the new access bank app and Gtworld. The feature in question is the ability to transfer funds, buy airtime and check account balance (only gtworld) without having to sign in. I have also criticized other big banks for not adopting it but zenith bank just did with the introduction of qwerty banking.

zenith qwerty banking

This feature came with gtworld out of the box but was rolled out to access mobile app last year. I believe it was introduced to make some basic transaction easier to perform which is even why the qwerty zenith banking is more interesting.

Unlike the access and gtbank app that still requires you to launch the app to perform this transaction, zenith qwerty integrates this feature in your smartphone keyboard.

Making it possible to transfer money, purchase airtime, pay bills and even open an account for third parties while on social messaging apps like Telegram, Whatsapp and BBM.

Working Principle of Zenith Qwerty Banking

In case you don’t get how this new update to zenith mobile banking app works yet, here is an example.

Let’s assume you are chatting with your brother on whatsapp and your son’s message came in stating that he needs money for his back to school list. What you normally do in this situation is excuse yourself for a minute from the chat with your brother and launch your mobile app, sign in and make the transfer.

Guess what, zenith qwerty has changed that. The new normal is to touch the bank’s logo on the keyboard and make your transfer. Yes, you don’t need to exit the chat nor launch zenith app.

Awesome right? To get started, you need to update your mobile app. Navigate to play store >> My apps & Games >> Then tap update for zenith mobile app.

Activating & Using Zenith Bank Qwerty Banking

Updating your mobile app is only the first step, you also have to activate it on your phone. Once you have installed the latest update, follow the steps below.

  • Login to the app.
  • Tap on the Menu button >> Settings >> Zenith Qwerty Banking.
  • Then tap on Enable Qwerty Banking >> Toggle On the Zenith virtual keyboard >> Then Set as Default.
  • Enter your account number, tap on Save and finally on finish.

You have successfully activated this feature for your phone. You can now easily perform any of the aforementioned four (4) basic financial transactions on any platforms.

All you have to do is tap on the zenith logo >> enter your mobile banking password >> Beneficiary’s details >> amount.

You can always change your back to your initial keyboard by navigating to your phone’s settings >> Language & Input >> Keyboard & Input Method >> Tap on the current keyboard to change it.

There you have it on zenith qwerty banking. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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