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10 Premier League Players Who Have Lost Most Market Value Since July 2021

by Thomaz Oseghale
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10 Premier League Players Who Have Lost Most Market Value Since July 2021

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Using data from Transfermarkt, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Premier League players who have experienced the biggest drop in market value since July 2021. It’s important to note that market values fluctuate due to various factors such as performance, age, injuries, and transfer activity.

10. Andrew Robertson (-30 million)

Andrew Robertson, the Liverpool left-back, has seen his market value decrease by 46.2% since the summer of 2021. Despite being a key player for Jurgen Klopp’s team and having achieved great success with Liverpool, including winning the Premier League and Champions League, injuries and the passage of time have contributed to the decline in his market value.

9. Mason Mount (-30 million)

Mason Mount, who played a crucial role in Chelsea’s Champions League triumph and represented England in the Euro 2020 final, has experienced a significant drop in market value. Despite winning Chelsea’s Player of the Season award in 2021-22, his form has declined along with his team’s performance. Mount’s move to Manchester United hasn’t helped revive his reputation, as injuries have limited his playing time, and he has struggled to find his place in the team.

8. Youri Tielemans (-35 million)

Youri Tielemans, the talented midfielder who scored the winning goal in the FA Cup final for Leicester City, has seen his market value drop by 63.6% since the start of the 2021-22 season. After joining Aston Villa, Tielemans initially struggled to adapt to his new team, but he has shown signs of returning to his best form in recent weeks.

7. Son Heung-min (-35 million)

Son Heung-min, the Tottenham forward, has experienced a decline in market value due to a combination of age and a loss of form in the 2022-23 season. Despite this, Son has still been a valuable contributor to the team, with 12 goals and six assists in the Premier League this year.

6. Mohamed Salah (-35 million)

Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool forward, has seen a decrease in market value due to a relatively underwhelming 2022-23 campaign for his club and his age, as he is now 31. However, Salah’s goal-scoring ability remains impressive, and he continues to be a key player for Liverpool as they push for the Premier League title.

5. Casemiro (-40 million)

Casemiro, who joined Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2022-23, has experienced a drop in market value due to his age and the perception that time has caught up with him. Despite this, Casemiro remains an important player in United’s midfield and provides valuable experience to aid in the development of younger players.

4. Kevin De Bruyne (-40 million)

Kevin De Bruyne’s market value has slipped over the past few years due to a combination of age and injuries. However, the Belgian midfielder continues to showcase his brilliance on the field, with impressive performances since returning from injury in January 2024.

3. Raphael Varane (-45 million)

Raphael Varane, who joined Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2021, has seen his market value decline since his move to the Premier League. Injuries and inconsistent performances from the team’s defense have contributed to this decrease in value.

2. Raheem Sterling (-45 million)

Raheem Sterling, who left Manchester City for Chelsea in 2022, has experienced a significant decline in market value. Despite flashes of brilliance, Sterling has struggled to find consistency in a struggling team and has lost his place in the England squad.

1. Timo Werner (-48 million)

Timo Werner, who joined Chelsea with high expectations, has seen the biggest drop in market value among Premier League players. Despite his versatility and contributions to the team, Werner has struggled to score consistently, leading to a decline in his valuation.

Market values are constantly changing, and players have the opportunity to regain their form and increase their value. It will be interesting to see how these players fare in the future and whether they can bounce back from their recent declines.

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