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A$AP Rocky Gushes Over Rihanna Onstage at 2023 Oscars

by NaijNaira
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After Rihanna’s stunning performance of “Lift Me Up” at the Oscars on Sunday 12 March, A$AP Rocky couldn’t help but show his support and admiration for his partner.

In a memorable moment, caught on camera, the rapper raised his champagne glass to reward and toast the singer for her efforts.

Fans around the world applauded the couple for their beautiful gesture of love, previously seen during her Super Bowl performance where A$AP Rocky had proudly filmed her from the audience.

This wasn’t their first red carpet appearance either as they featured in British Vogue’s first family portraits with their nine-month-old child shortly afterwards.

The pair added another milestone to their relationship after Rihanna revealed they are expecting a second baby when she unzipped her jumpsuit to show off her pregnant stomach during her Super Bowl halftime show.

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