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Amy Hart thanks fans after calling her attention to a ‘blue tinge’ around her baby’s mouth



 Amy Hart, a former Love Island contestant, seek medical attention for her infant son after the new mother posted on social media the video of her son with a blue tinge around his mouth.

Report had it that, the 30-year-old television star gave birth to her child on March 3 with partner Sam Rason.

Amy has been open about her pregnancy journey and has kept followers updated on her social media platform ever since the baby was born.

But, some of Amy’s fans picked up on a worrying detail in one of her posts on instagram.

The  star replied:

Lots of you messaged last night about the blue tinge around Stanley’s mouth in the video of him in his Moses basket,” the star said.

Lots said it could be trapped wind, some said it could be cyanosis which could have been more serious.”

We  got him checked out and all fine. He’s very luck to have so many people looking out for her so thank you.”



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