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Bet9ja Agent Registration Form, Fees, Requirements, Commission

by NaijNaira
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Bet9ja Agent Registration Form

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As a business-driven person and particularly as a sporting betting enthusiast, ever wondered how you can become one of Bet9ja’s agents in Nigeria?

There are many betting companies in Nigeria, with their agents scattered across the country, but without mincing a word, Bet9ja agents are one of the most innovative in terms of how they treat their customers.

With this piece, we’ll take you through all of the steps you’ll need to become a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria without any stress or difficulties.

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Who Is A Bet9ja Agent?

Bet9ja Agent Registration Form,

Bet9ja agents in Nigeria are more like intermediaries that interact between customers and the company (Bet9ja).

Being one of the best betting companies in Nigeria, they offer anyone the chance to run their own business by becoming one of their agent promoting a tried and tested product range of Bet9ja.

As a Bet9ja agent, it’s also important to have an interest in the game itself and have full knowledge of how betting works in Nigeria.

Bet9ja Agent Registration

Bet9ja Agent Registration Form,

To register as one of Bet9ja’s agents in Nigeria, you need to understand that you are been given a chance to run your own business and you’ll also be involved in promoting a tried and tested product of Bet9ja.

Steps For Bet9ja Agent Registration

* Visit the Bet9ja agent registration portal to start the process of being an agent of the betting company at www.agents.bet9ja.com or call 01-2796660 for further information.

* Enter all required details and submit the form

* Secure a shop for your Bet9ja agent business

* Collect all the required documents and send them to the nearest Bet9ja office as specified.

* After you have submitted the required documents, they’ll be reviewed by Bet9ja staff and they’ll get back to you.

* After you’re done with the above steps, an interview will be scheduled with a Bet9ja representative to ask you one or two things.

* Once you pass the interview, your physical location or shop will be checked by a Bet9ja representative team to confirm your readiness and capability.

* Once they’re satisfied with your shop location you’ll be offered a contract to become a Bet9ja agent.

* Finally, the signing of the contract will be next in line after going through the terms and conditions to become a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria.

Things Needed For Bet9ja Shop

Bet9ja Agent Registration Form,

Once your registration has been confirmed on the Bet9ja website, there is a need for the agent to get a conducive shop in a very friendly environment.

As such, after securing a good shop there is a need for some working tools to operate with in terms of rendering good services to customers that will visit the shop.

Those tools include:

* PC (Laptops or Desktops)

* Electric Power or Generators

* Television Sets

* Fans

* Benches or Chairs

* Stable Internet

* Bet9ja will also give you some tools upon payment of a registration which is a sign-up fee of 50,000 Naira.

*  Receipt printers which are a set of POS-80 units which comes with a roll of paper will be given to you.

Benefits Of Becoming A Bet9ja Agent

When it comes to delivering online betting services, Bet9ja is, without a doubt, one of the best betting companies in Nigeria that offer tantalizing odds and various markets.

While the above is a fact about the betting company, there is a need to understand that it’s easy for Bet9ja agents in Nigeria to earn huge profits once they become one of their intermediaries.

Below are some of the advantages you stand to enjoy once you register to become a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria.

* Earn commission based on the turnover of every bet made in your shop. That is, for every bet placed in your shop you’ll earn a commission.

* The visibility obtained with the company image as banner and printer will be given to you after your registration is successful.

* There is no risk or liability for any bet made through you.

* With more than 5000 sports events every week, Bet9ja agent also stands a chance of earning easily once customers place a bet on football games or virtual games in your shop.

* Free training for sports betting staff and Bet9ja agents after the opening of the shop.

* Technical and on-site support from Bet9ja representatives either by telephone, on their website, or other channels.


To be a Bet9ja agent in Nigeria you’ll be offered the chance to run your own business by becoming one of their sales outlets representative, whereby you promote their products which is a tried and tested ones.

So with all of the information we provided to you in this piece, run quickly and log on to their website to register and become the next Bet9ja agent in your area or community.

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