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Top 6 Secrets Of Playing and Winning Bet9ja

by NaijNaira
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Secrets Of Winning Bet9ja

Ever wondered why some punters are winning big on Bet9ja and you’re losing week in, week out? Not to worry, let me take you through some of the tips to follow and win big.

With the tips, you can win yourself something tangible on Bet9ja, however, note that placing a bet on the game doesn’t necessarily mean your winnings are guaranteed, you have to put in some work to achieve green.

The tips are quite simple and easy to follow if you want to be part of the winning gang on the Bet9ja betting platform.

Secret Steps Of Winning Bet9ja To Follow

Follow Statistics

Before booking or placing a bet, you should use statistics as your prediction guild. Prediction statistics serve as a guild to achieving that win, though sometimes following the stats to the letter may not go as forecasted.

The good thing about Bet9ja is that their official website has where you can check through the statistics of the teams that will be playing. So with just a click, you can be redirected to Bet9ja’s bet radar where you can see all match statistics for you to make a final prediction on your pick.

As an online betting enthusiast, particularly those who like Bet9ja it is important for you to make use of statistics when it comes to winning on Bet9ja.

Don’t Be Greedy With Your Pick

Accumulating 30 games with heavy odds on a single ticket can be said to be an unwise decision because picking plenty of games on a single ticket can ruin your chances of winning.

Instead of accumulating a lot of games on your ticket, always go for fewer game, an advisable minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15. With those games picked you can now stake the amount you can afford on the ticket.

While some people are been greedy with their game picking, you can pick lesser games and win something tangible for yourself without you losing too much money week in, and week out.

Don’t Depend On Prediction Sites

Sports punters are fond of boasting about a particular prediction site being the best in terms of how accurate their winning percentage of a team is. While that is good, note that not all of the prediction sites offer accurate forecasts that could win you a bet on Bet9ja.

However, there are some prediction sites that are quite good and accurate with their forecast, but when making use of those sites do your own homework without totally depending on them for an accurate forecast.

Be An Expert

This tip is by far one of the smartest ways to win on Bet9ja because it gives you the ability to study a certain league really well and you become an expert winner from that league.

Note that Bet9ja offers over 50 different events in soccer alone, with over 200 leagues from about 60 different countries worldwide. So with that most people try out their chances of winning in popular football events like the top-flight leagues.

But if you want to be an expert, I’d advise you to stick with a league and be an expert thereby forecasting and playing the games from that particular league alone.

As a Bet9ja customer, if you stick with combining different games from different leagues in one ticket, you may be causing yourself more problems than you think with zero chances of winning.

Take Note Of Key Players Absent

Most punters usually don’t take this tip seriously because they don’t see it as a major criterion to follow. For instance, if a key player like Kevin De Bruyne is unavailable for Manchester City, his absence could affect the team but that doesn’t mean they can’t win.

However, when such a thing happens, the best option to go for is goals or go all out for the second team without allowing the odds to fool you.

If you’re the type of customer that is always scared of the big odds, you can go for the goals option, a home win or draw (1x), away win or draw (x2), over 1.5, over 2.5, or both team-to-score option BTTS.

Avoid Staking In A Haste

As a punter who likes winning, you need to know that achieving green on Bet9ja demands proper timing to forecast and pick your games.

You could forecast and pick your games in the midnight or in the morning provided the game you want to pick from is yet to commence by properly forecasting the game and picking the ones your heart goes with.

Doing that painstakingly could probably win you something tangible on Bet9ja without breaking too much sweat.

If you pick games in a haste, the chances of winning at the end are usually very slim, except if it’s your lucky day and the god of gambling smiles on you, if there’s any though.

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