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Big Brother Titans Stars: Lukay & Ipeleng Make Love in the Titans House


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Big Brother Titans Stars Lukay & Ipeleng Make Love in the Titans House

Big Brother Titans has recently taken viewers by surprise as two of the housemates, Lukay and Ipeleng, were caught making love in the show’s garden after a pool party.

This sparked the interest of other housemates, especially Marvin, Jaypee and Yvonne, who noticed the two’s passionate moaning.

Having shown signs of affection earlier that afternoon with their public kissing, it appears their more intimate moments have now become official – they are the first housemates on Big Brother Titans to make love.

Unusual for a reality show such as this, Ipeleng always keeps herself fully clad which only adds to the unexpectedness of this occurrence.

After finishing intimate time together, Ipeleng disposed of the used condom and washed her hands – all pointing toward a distinct newfound love for Lukay and Ipeleng.

As BBTitans enters its second week of putting Nigerian and South African contestants under one roof, many indicate this might just be getting started.

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