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Breaking Down Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Net Worth Ahead of His Man Utd Takeover

by NaijNaira
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Breaking Down Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Net Worth Ahead of His Reported Man Utd Takeover Bid

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Britain’s richest man with an estimated net worth of £13.3billion and the boss of chemical giant Ineos, has expressed his interest in taking over Manchester United following the revelation that their owners The Glazers are looking to sell their majority stake.

The 70-year-old tycoon, who recently relocated from the UK to tax haven Monaco, made headlines when he unsuccessfully attempted to purchase Chelsea Football Club last May.

He recently became owner of French club Nice for £91m, and two years prior acquired Swiss team FC Lausanne-Sport.

With a fascinating history, Ratcliffe was born in 1952 into a family that lived in a council house on Dunkerley Avenue in Failsworth – situated between Manchester and Oldham – before his parents relocated to Yorkshire where he studied at Beverley Grammar School.

His first day attending university at Birmingham saw him in the bottom list of students ranked by their A-level results – however he achieved a 2:1 degree in chemical engineering upon graduating.

An ambitious worker, Sir Jim had worked during summer holidays while studying and secured employment at BP; though they fired him after three days when his mild eczema was seen on his medical report.

Though unlucky with finding steady work then, this didn’t stop him from establishing his own company at 40 years old – thus beginning Ineos in 1998 which would soon be one of the world’s most successful chemicals companies with annual revenues totalling up to £45bn.

It is no surprise then that Ratcliffe is such a football obsessive due to being a lifelong Manchester United fan who also holds season ticket holder status for Chelsea FC.

Despite having already spent millions acquiring other clubs – reiterating his belief of ‘trying to spend sensibly’ – Sir Jim has still faced criticism from spending an estimated £4billion on relocating from Britain’s high tax rate to Monaco’s tax free setting as well as controversially furloughing 800 members of staff within his hotel groups during 2020 that linked back it seemed too easily with Topshop head Phillip Green and wife Tina’s transfer out similarities.

Nevertheless, we can glean insight into what shapes this business tycoon outside work: physical fitness attained through running events like marathons and triathlons; romance maintained through recent rumours tying him with Catherine Polli; plus sound parenting providing strong roots to his family consisting of two sons George and Samuel plus daughter along with ex-wives Amada Townson and Alicia respectively.

Undoubtedly Ratcliffe will have plenty more surprises upon us before committing fully or not as potential Manchester United owner following current wanted sale set price tag valued at £5bn but likely dwindled down if patient negotiation is employed effectively by the lead negotiator himself expectedly coming away victorious everywhere else successful life has taken him thus far!

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