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Chelsea’s Search for New Head Coach Nears Conclusion

by NaijNaira
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Chelsea's Search for New Head Coach Nears Conclusion

Chelsea Football Club is nearing the end of their search for a new permanent head coach, with plans to announce their decision before the end of the season.

The club has narrowed down their search to four candidates, including Vincent Kompany, Julian Nagelsmann, Mauricio Pochettino, and a secret fourth option.

Talks have already been held with Nagelsmann and Pochettino, but all four candidates will be spoken to in depth over the coming days.

While caretaker coach Frank Lampard will remain in charge for the rest of the season, Chelsea wants to make an appointment sooner rather than later to start planning for next season.

The club is aware that the candidates they are considering are wanted by other clubs, including Kompany, who has impressed the hierarchy with his leadership at Burnley.

Pochettino has been approached by Chelsea twice before, and sources reveal that he has spoken about some of the current players he wants to remain in the squad.

Tottenham has been linked with a move for their former manager, but surprisingly, they have not even made an approach to interview Pochettino yet.

Nagelsmann, who has a connection with Chelsea’s co-sporting director Laurence Stewart and technical director Christopher Vivell from the past, is currently on gardening leave after being dismissed by Bayern Munich last month.

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