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Controversial Statement: How Tinubu Was Involved in Mafia, Drug Dealing – British MP

by NaijNaira
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George Galloway, a former member of the British Parliament, has made controversial statements about President Bola Tinubu, questioning his moral standing and involvement with mafia and drug dealers.

Galloway expressed astonishment at learning about Tinubu’s alleged connections and criticized his qualifications to lead Nigeria.

“To my absolute astonishment, forgive my ignorance; I had no idea that this man was a bagman for the mafia and the drug dealers in Chicago, Illinois, which doesn’t seem like a great qualification for the leader of Nigeria,” the former British MP said in episode 263 of his podcast, Mother of All Talk Shows (MOATS), aired August 9.

“These people are now talking about democracy in Niger; many of them don’t have the leg to stand on, do they?” Mr Galloway said, throwing a jab at Mr Tinubu’s so-called moral compass to condemn the coup.

Galloway also highlighted the ongoing allegations of electoral corruption against Tinubu and the lack of acceptance of his election by the opposition.

He further criticized Tinubu’s condemnation of the coup in Niger, stating that Tinubu himself lacks democratic credentials.

“First of all, there are very serious and credible allegations of electoral corruption in his own election, and it’s still actually before the court,” said an opinionated Mr Galloway.

“The opposition have never accepted his election,” he stated.

Galloway’s statements add to the existing criticism of Nigeria’s presidential election and raise questions about Tinubu’s leadership.

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