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Cristiano Ronaldo Badmouths Qatar’s Potential Takeover of Man Utd

by NaijNaira
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The thought of Qatar buying Manchester United has been welcomed by some, including soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo who broke his silence to criticise the current owners- the Glazers- back in November.

The Red Devils fans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the brothers Joel and Avram (the Glazers) as they were deemed to be only seeking to make a profit without a concomitant significant improvement in football.

A takeover for Qatar would signal the end of their reign over Manchester United and possibly rock world football.

It is evident that Ronaldo’s comments reflect those of fans: he expressed his concern about how the Glazers had taken over Manchester United – ruling since 2005 – and do not prioritize the actual sport itself but rather focus on marketing and money issues.

Moreover, Ronaldo stated that Man Utd would find it hard to compete with teams such as City, Liverpool or Arsenal over the next couple of years unless they got rid of this outdated management strategy.

On a brighter side, if Qatar takeovers go through with its promise to pump funds into refurbishment and transfer business; there could be a much-needed change in fortune for Manchester United.

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