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Meet Natacha Hazard: The Woman Behind Eden Hazard’s Success

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Eden Hazard Wife

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Get to know Natacha Van Honacker, the wife of famous footballer Eden Hazard. Learn more about their relationship and personal life in this article.

The Belgian professional footballer is known for his exceptional skills in dribbling, playmaking, and goal-scoring.

He gained recognition during his time at Chelsea, where he showcased his talent as a winger.

Currently, he represents both the Belgium National Team and the La Liga club Real Madrid.

Who is Eden Hazard Wife? Get to Know Her!

Natacha Van Honacker is best known as the wife of renowned Real Madrid player, Eden Hazard.

Unlike many football wives who seek the limelight, Natacha is a private individual who prefers to support her husband without seeking attention.

She rarely accompanies Eden Hazard to red-carpet events, choosing instead to maintain a low profile.

Natacha Van Honacker is the woman who captured the heart of the Real Madrid star back in high school, and their love has endured ever since.

How Old is Natacha Van Honacker

Natacha Van Honacker, the wife of Eden Hazard, was born in 1992, making her 29 years old. She is a Belgian national, just like Hazard.

How They Met

Eden Hazard and Natacha Van Honacker first met in high school and began dating when Eden was just 14 years old.

It was love at first sight for Eden, but Natacha initially didn’t notice him at a friend gathering.

Despite Natacha’s shy nature, Eden was drawn to her and they started a relationship.

However, when Eden was offered a move to Lille in France, he wanted Natacha to come with him.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t join him at that time as she hadn’t finished her studies yet.

Do They Have a Child Together?

Yes, Eden Hazard has three children. His first child, Yannis, was born on December 19, 2010, when Hazard was 19 years old.

He then had a son named Leo in February.

After the birth of their two sons, Eden and his girlfriend Natacha got married in 2012, just before Eden joined the Premier League Club Chelsea.

They later had another son named Sammy in September 2015.


Is Eden Hazard still married? Yes, Eden Hazard has been married to his childhood sweetheart Natacha van Honacker since 2012. Eden Hazard reportedly earns £384,000 per week with La Liga giants Real Madrid.

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