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Ewube Drops New Music Video For her New Single B.I.G

by NaijNaira
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Ewube Drops New Music Video For her New Single B.I.G

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Ewube has just dropped the music video for her new single entitled B.I.G, a certified Amapiano-dancehall banger with crisp visuals and compelling African dance moves.

In this song, the African Dancehall Queen delivers flawlessly in Pidgin-English, English, and French, demonstrating her versatility as a world-class vocalist and dancer, and alluring new fans as she strives to conquer the continent and the world with her unique sound.

B.I.G is not only an encouragement to her peers to think BIG, but to roll with people who think and act BIG. After all, they say, show me your friends and I will show you who you are.

The Sultry singer has been rising in popularity recently. She has even earned the title of ‘Africa’s dancehall queen’, leading her to sign a lucrative million-dollar contract with South Africa’s leading label, Open Mic Productions, in partnership with Calabash Music.

Ewube signature opens up a new world for her and means that she is now a label-mate with some of Africa’s biggest stars such as Master KG.

This is her first single with her new label and marks the beginning of a new journey for one of Africa’s most promising musical talents.

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