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Grammy-nominated rapper Fish Scales kidnapped and shot

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Fish Scales kidnapped and shot

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A member of the Grammy-nominated hip-hop group Nappy Roots was kidnapped at gunpoint outside his brewery in Atlanta on Wednesday (17 August).

Melvin Adams, famously known by his stage name Fish Scales, was leaving Atlantucky Brewery which he co-owns with the rest of Nappy Roots when he was approached by two male suspects, according to the police.

The robbers allegedly forced Adams into his white Mercedes-Benz SUV at gunpoint, ordering him to drive them to Hapeville.

When the rapper tried to escape, one of his kidnappers shot him in the leg, police said.

The suspects then fled the scene. They got away with about $30, according to the police.

Adams approached a nearby house for help and the residents called the police, said multiple reports. He was then immediately taken to a hospital where he is in stable condition.

The police have not released any details on possible suspects so far.

Nappy Roots member Skinny DeVille told FOX5 on Thursday (18 August) that Adams is in “good spirits”.

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