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Ford Announces An All-New Electric Explorer SUV



Ford Announces An All-New Electric Explorer SUV

Ford has unveiled an electric Explorer crossover built for Europe’s narrow streets, which features a 15-inch vertical touchscreen that slides up and down and more storage space than other higher-end Ford EVs such as the Mustang Mach-E.

This electric SUV is relatively compact, measuring below 14.8 feet in length, and offers features such as wireless phone charging, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, Assisted Lane Change through a stalk press, a massive amount of console storage and a private locker for valuables.

It is also reported to be able to charge from 10 – 80 percent in 25 minutes, with the line starting at under €45,000.

The Explorer EV is expected to release later this year in Europe only, and will be part of Ford’s larger strategy to introduce seven EVs to the region by 2024.

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