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G7 Summit: UK and US to Unveil New Sanctions Against Russia

by NaijNaira
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G7 Summit UK and US to Unveil New Sanctions Against Russia

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During the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, world leaders are expected to announce new sanctions against Russia.

The United Kingdom has already announced a ban on Russian diamonds and imports of metals such as copper, aluminum, and nickel, in support of Ukraine.

The UK is also targeting an additional 86 members and companies from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military industrial complex, as well as those involved in energy, metals, and shipping industries.

The US is also planning to announce new sanctions on Russia at the summit and is urging other G7 countries to do the same.

The summit’s discussions will focus on the ongoing Ukraine war, which has now entered its 15th month.

The UK government has warned against complacency in preserving “our ideals and against despotic governments.”

The last year’s G7 summit also saw Ukraine war dominating the agenda, with G7 leaders promising financial, military, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russia’s aerial assault on Ukraine continues, with reports of Russian warplanes and drone attacks in various regions.

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