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TikTok Creators Sue Montana Over App Ban

by NaijNaira
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TikTok Creators Sue Montana Over App Ban

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A group of five TikTok content creators have filed a lawsuit against Montana’s planned ban on the video-sharing app, arguing that it violates their constitutional right to free speech.

The creators, who use the app for various purposes such as promoting their businesses and expressing their sense of humor, claim that the state has no authority over matters of national security.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed the bill into law on Wednesday, citing concerns over the Chinese government’s access to U.S. citizens’ information.

TikTok has argued that the law infringes on people’s First Amendment rights.

The case could serve as a testing ground for the TikTok-free America that some lawmakers envision, but cybersecurity experts say it could be difficult to enforce.

The lawsuit states that the ban would immediately and permanently deprive the plaintiffs of their ability to express themselves and communicate with others.

Montana’s law would prohibit downloads of TikTok in the state and would fine any entity $10,000 per day for each time someone is offered the ability to access the app.

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