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Twitter Blue’s Latest Feature Lets Subscribers Share Full-Length Movies



Twitter Blue's Latest Feature Lets Subscribers Share Full-Length Movies

Twitter Blue, a subscription service offered by Twitter, has introduced a new feature that allows subscribers to post full-length movies on the platform.

However, users must ensure that they do not violate any copyright laws.

The maximum video length for paying users has been doubled from 60 minutes to two hours, and the video file size limit has been increased from 2GB to 8GB.

The update is part of Elon Musk’s vision to turn Twitter into a TikTok or YouTube rival.

Musk has been trying to attract content creators with revenue-sharing deals and a new feature that allows people to subscribe to accounts for bonus tweets.

The company has also added new playback speed controls on the web and is reportedly working on a dedicated video tab.

However, the success of Musk’s video strategy is likely to depend on his successor, Linda Yaccarino, a seasoned TV advertising veteran who has praised Twitter as an indispensable content distribution platform.

The company will need to ensure that the new video feature does not fuel piracy, which has been a problem in recent months.

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