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Google Developing AI ‘Personal Life Coach’ – Reports

by Vicky Oselumese
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Google Developing AI 'Personal Life Coach' - Reports

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According to reports, Google is developing a new artificial intelligence tool that will act as a “personal life coach” and provide life advice.

This tool is part of Google’s efforts to advance research in generative AI systems, competing with companies like Microsoft and OpenAI.

Google is collaborating with AI training company Scale AI to evaluate the new chatbot, and over 100 experts are rigorously testing it.

However, there are concerns about the validity of the responses generated by AI chatbots and potential privacy issues.

Some instances have shown chatbots providing inaccurate information or even harmful advice.

Google’s current guidelines for its Bard chatbot warn users not to rely on its responses for professional advice and to avoid sharing confidential or sensitive information.

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