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Gtbank ATM Card Pin: Code to Unblock, Retrieve account


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Gtbank atm card Pin

This can happen to anybody, especially those that make most of their transactions online, which means it has been a while since you used your GTB card at an ATM. If you have registered for Gtbank online banking, then you are covered. The ability to retrieve your Gtbank atm card Pin with ease is one of the numerous advantages of activating internet banking on your GTB account.

This is not the only method though, you can also retrieve a lost PIN by calling the Gtbank customer care number.

How to Retrieve Your Forgotten ATM Card PIN

If you are yet to register for Gtbank online banking, I recommend you do so now by reading our previous article on Gtbank online banking and how to apply for Gtbank online banking.

The process is slightly different if you are signing in from a browser and using Gtbank mobile banking app.

  • Navigate to Gtbank online banking login page ( or launch Gtbank mobile app already installed on your phone.
  • Sign in to internet banking using your Gtbank login details (User ID and password).
  • Click on Cards or tap on Cards & Cheques if you are using the mobile app.
  • Click on Pin Retrieval or tap on Card PIN retrieval for the mobile banking app.
  • For web, select your card, enter your card expiry date, answer your security question and enter the transaction code generated from the token and click on Submit.
  • For Gtbank mobile app, enter the token code sent to the phone number registered to your bank account and tap on Retrieval. If you do not receive the OTP code, dial *737*7# and input the last 6 digits of your ATM card to get it.
  • Your Gtbank atm card pin will be displayed in a popup message alert.

How To Change My 737 Pin

If for any reason you need to change your pin:

  • Simply dial *737# and send.
  • Select option 7 and select change pin.
  • Follow the available steps.

How To Unblock My Gtbank Account With 737

What is the code to unblock my Gtbank account? Unblocking your GTBank account using the 737 service is easy. Simply dial 73711# from your registered phone number and then enter your BVN (Bank Verification Number).

This will incur a fee of NGN100, which will be deducted directly from your account.

If you wish to unblock your account in another way, you can also do so by calling GTConnect, GTBank Customer Care, or visiting any nearby GTBank branch.

Wrap Up on Gtbank ATM Card Pin

That’s it on how you can get your Gtbank Naira, dollar MasterCard or visa card pin via the internet banking platform.

Remember you can also call customer care to get it back if you haven’t yet applied for Gtbank online banking.

Were you able to retrieve your Gtbank atm card PIN with this method? Or do you prefer to call their customer care agent? Let’s know via the comment below and kindly educate people by sharing this article.

Stay tuned for ways to retrieve your gtbank internet banking login details and customer care details/contacts.

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