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How Lateef Adedimeji hustled to stardom in the Nigerian movie industry



How Lateef Adedimeji hustled to stardom in the Nigerian movie industry

For Lateef Adedimeji, stardom was a product of his unwavering hustle and determination for success.

After struggling as a young helpless person with dreams of becoming a Nollywood star, he was chosen by an NGO to develop his skills in acting, music and dance.

Following his passion, Lateef sacrificed his studies in college just to pursue his goals, walked hours to movie sets due to lack of funds, borrowed clothes and even got bullied as he got lead roles but received only petty change by way of payment.

He almost gave up due to the difficult times but managed to survive until he eventually rose from obscurity and achieved celebrity status.

In celebration of this journey ahead of his birthday on February 1st, Lateef recalled the emotional ordeal at length; emphasising all the rejections, ridicule and bullying that almost made him abandon all hope.

Today, he is proud superstar whose inspiring story will continue to motivate others for many years to come.

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