How to Transfer Airtime on 9mobile, Airtel, MTN, Glo

Airtime transfer on Nigerian mobile network is a handy tips all Nigerians should know. This service allows you to transfer airtime/credit from Glo to Glo, MTN to MTN, Airtel to Airtel and 9mobile to 9mobile using ussd codes or text messages/keywords.

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This article will guide you on how you can transfer credit on all networks in Nigeria which include glo, airtel, mtn and 9mobile.

Nigeria based telcos have their own name for this service. MTN Nigeria call it Share & Sell, Glo Nigeria call it Glo Easyshare, Airtel Nigeria call it Airtel Me2U and 9mobile Nigeria call it 9mobile Easy airtime transfer service.

Each of this service is protected by a default PIN which can be change anytime you want. This Pin is use to authenticate/complete airtime transfer on 9mobile, mtn, Airtel and glo.

MTN Share and Sell: Transfer Airtime from MTN to MTN

Share and sell is an mtn service that allow you to transfer credit from one mtn sim/line to another using mtn airtime transfer code. It has a default PIN of 0000. It is recommended you change this PIN immediately your mtn number is active.

How to Change MTN Share and Sell PIN

To change the default mtn share and sell PIN, you can either use a USSD code or do it via text message.

1.) Using USSD Code: Dial *600*default PIN*New PIN*New PIN# and Send. Eg to change the default 0000 PIN to 0912, dial *600*0000*0912*0912# and Send.

You will then receive a PIN was changed successfully message from MTN.

2.) Using Text Message or SMS Command/Keyword: Text this sms to 777. DefaultPIN NewPIN NewPIN. For example, to change your default PIN to 0912. Text 0000 0912 0912 to 777.

Transfer Credit from MTN to MTN

Now that you have successfully change your mtn share and sell pin, we can now proceed to transfer credit from one mtn subscriber to another on mtn network. You can also do this using ussd code and sms command.

1.) Using USSD Code: Dial *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN#. For example, to transfer 500 naira airtime to 08060876422 with the above PIN, dial *600*08060876422*500*0912#.

If there was a successful transfer, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful. Minimum of N50 and a maximum of N6,000 can be transfer per transaction. You can not transfer more than N50,000 per day.

2.) Using SMS Command: Use the sms command “Transfer MTNNumber Amount PIN”. For example, to transfer 500 naira airtime to 08060876422 with 0912 as your PIN, text “Transfer 08060876422 500 0912 to 777.

Text the keyword Yes to 777 to confirm the transfer of airtime on MTN network.

Note: You can only transfer from mtn to mtn. It is impossible to transfer from mtn to glo, or airtel or 9mobile.

Also, mtn now charges you 10% of the amount you are transferring.

Airtel Me2U: How to Transfer Credit from Airtel to Airtel

Airtel Me2U like mtn share & sell and Glo easy share, allow you to make airtel to airtel airtime transfer and has a default PIN of 1234.

Change Airtel Me2U PIN

Text PIN defaultPIN NewPIN to 432 to change your airtel Me2U PIN. For example, to change your PIN to 0912, text PIN 1234 0912 to 432. If successful, you will receive a reply that your Your new password is 0912.

How to Do Airtel to Airtel Credit Transfer

To transfer from airtel to airtel line, text the following to 432. 2U AirtelNumber Amount PIN. Let’s say you want to transfer 500 naira to 08020876422 with 0912 as your PIN, text 2U 08020876422 500 0912 to 432. They may charge you 10 naira per transfer.

EasyShare: How to Transfer Airtime from Glo to Glo

EasyShare is a Glo service that allow you to transfer between glo subscribers. It has a default PIN of 00000. It is advisable to change the default PIN after activating your glo line.

How to Change Glo EasyShare PIN

To change the default Glo EasyShare PIN, dial the USSD code below.

Dial *132*defaultPIN*NewPIN*NewPIN#.

For example, to change your PIN to 09120. dial *132*00000*09120*09120# Send. You will be notified that your password has been successfully change.

How to Transfer Credit from Glo line to Glo line

For Glo to Glo airtime transfer on Glo network, dial *131*recipient’sNumber*AirtimeAmount*Password# and Send.

For Example, to transfer 500 airtime to 08050876422 with 09120 as your PIN, dial *131*08050876422*500*09120# and send.

The minimum amount you can transfer daily is 50 naira and the maximum amount is 1000 naira.

9mobile Easy Airtime Transfer

This allow you to transfer from one 9mobile customer to another. 9mobile network easy airtime transfer default PIN is 0000.

How to Change 9mobile Easy Airtime PIN

To change your 9mobile airtime transfer PIN, Dial *247*defaultPIN*NewPIN#.

For example, to change your PIN to 0921 on 9mobile, Dial *247*0000*0921#.

How to Do 9mobile to 9mobile Airtime Transfer

To transfer credit from one etisalat subscriber to another, dial *223*PIN*Amount*RecipientNumber#.

For example, to transfer 500 airtime to 08090876422 with PIN as 0921, dial *223*0921*500*08090876422#. Make sure you will be left with 10 naira after subtracting the amount you want to transfer.

There you have it folks on how to transfer airtime on all Nigeria networks which include MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile in 2020. Kindly share this article using the sharing buttons below.

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