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Ifeoma Ivy, Paul’s Okoye’s Girlfriend Blow Hot on internet users



Ifeoma Ivy, a model and Paul Okoye’s girlfriend, has taken offence at those who have congratulated her on her alleged engagement.

According to sources, Ifeoma appeared to be engaged to the musician when she appeared to be wearing a ring in an Instagram post.

Ifeoma refuted engagement rumours by claiming that she just loves putting on rings and not just for special occasions alone that she also wear it when relaxing at home, expressing her annoyance at the comments from internet users.

She sent a warning message to  those congratulating her to refrain from it.

She wrote: “Y’all don’t get that I just like to wear rings, and on different fingers, and not just for special occasions. It could even be to sit at home. So stop all these congratulatory messages, abeg abeg

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