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Jurgen Klopp’s Exit Predicted as Cody Gakpo Claims ‘Liverpool Spirit Is Gone’

by NaijNaira
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Jurgen Klopp's Exit Predicted as Cody Gakpo Claims 'Liverpool Spirit Is Gone'

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Aad de Mos, a former Dutch footballer manager, has recently suggested that Jurgen Klopp may soon leave Liverpool.

This proposal comes after the Reds signed 23-year-old Cody Gakpo, who was in talks with Manchester United last summer.

Liverpool have been struggling mightily this season and face a desperate battle for Champions League football.

De Mos warned Gakpo about joining Liverpool at this time, claiming that the team’s spirit had “gone” and predicting an imminent departure of Klopp.

“He (Gakpo) will come at a time when the team is disappearing a bit”, said De Mos.

“The spirit is gone and the position is no longer in the top five… Just like Chelsea. Maybe just a little too late to rejuvenate.

“Yes, then you also get all that misery, perhaps with a manager (Klopp) who is about to leave.

“It is not the time that so many young players are joining: ‘we are going to rejuvenate the team and we are not looking for the first five places there’.

“So I don’t know if the time is right to go to Liverpool.”

Nevertheless, there has been no indication that Klopp would be departing anytime soon; he is still keen to fight for his side.

Plus, the owners of FSG are willing to invest more if new partners are established.

Therefore, De Mos’ prediction may be premature at this moment.

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