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La Liga winning managers Full List

by NaijNaira
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La Liga winning managers

Which manager won the most La Liga titles? The most successful LaLiga coach is Miguel Muñoz who won the trophy for a record nine times with Real Madrid.

In addition, Muñoz won two Spanish Cup trophies, two European Cup titles, and one Intercontinental Cup in his 15-year reign as manager. He is also the Real’s longest-serving manager.

La Liga winning managers Full List

Meanwhile, Enrique Fernández, Helenio Herrera, and Johan Cruyff have all won the La Liga trophy four times too.

See the top 10 Players With Most Trophies In La Liga as well as the top five Clubs With Most Trophies In La Liga.

NaijNaira now lists all La Liga winning managers below.

All La Liga Winning Managers List from Inception

SeasonWinning managerClub
1929Romà FornsBarcelona
1929–30Fred PentlandAthletic Bilbao
1930–31Fred Pentland Athletic Bilbao
1931–32Lippo HertzkaMadrid FC
1932–33Robert FirthMadrid FC
1933–34Patricio CaicedoAthletic Bilbao
1934–35Patrick O’ConnellReal Betis
1935–36William GarbuttAthletic Bilbao
1939–40Ricardo ZamoraAtlético Aviación
1940–41Ricardo Zamora Atlético Aviación
1941–42Ramón EncinasValencia
1942–43Juan UrquizuAthletic Bilbao
1943–44Eduardo CubellsValencia
1944–45Josep SamitierBarcelona
1945–46Ramón Encinas Sevilla
1946–47Luis PasarínValencia
1947–48Enrique FernándezBarcelona
1948–49Enrique FernándezBarcelona
1949–50Helenio HerreraAtlético Madrid
1950–51Helenio Herrera Atlético Madrid
1951–52Ferdinand DaučíkBarcelona
1952–53Ferdinand DaučíkBarcelona
1953–54Enrique Fernández Real Madrid
1954–55José VillalongaReal Madrid
1955–56Ferdinand Daučík Athletic Bilbao
1956–57José VillalongaReal Madrid
1957–58Luis CarnigliaReal Madrid
1958–59Helenio Herrera Barcelona
1959–60Helenio HerreraBarcelona
1960–61Miguel MuñozReal Madrid
1961–62Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1962–63Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1963–64Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1964–65Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1965–66Domènec BalmanyaAtlético Madrid
1966–67Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1967–68Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1968–69Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1969–70Marcel DomingoAtlético Madrid
1970–71Alfredo Di StéfanoValencia
1971–72Miguel Muñoz Real Madrid
1972–73Max MerkelAtlético Madrid
1973–74Rinus MichelsBarcelona
1974–75Miljan MiljanićReal Madrid
1975–76Miljan Miljanić Real Madrid
1976–77Luis AragonésAtlético Madrid
1977–78Luis MolownyReal Madrid
1978–79Luis Molowny Real Madrid
1979–80Vujadin BoškovReal Madrid
1980–81Alberto OrmaetxeaReal Sociedad
1981–82Alberto Ormaetxea Real Sociedad
1982–83Javier ClementeAthletic Bilbao
1983–84Javier Clemente Athletic Bilbao
1984–85Terry VenablesBarcelona
1985–86Luis Molowny Real Madrid
1986–87Leo BeenhakkerReal Madrid
1987–88Leo Beenhakker Real Madrid
1988–89Leo BeenhakkerReal Madrid
1989–90John ToshackReal Madrid
1990–91Johan CruyffBarcelona
1991–92Johan Cruyff Barcelona
1992–93Johan Cruyff Barcelona
1993–94Johan CruyffBarcelona
1994–95Jorge ValdanoReal Madrid
1995–96Radomir AntićAtlético Madrid
1996–97Fabio CapelloReal Madrid
1997–98Louis van GaalBarcelona
1998–99Louis van GaalBarcelona
1999–2000Javier IruretaDeportivo La Coruña
2000–01Vicente del BosqueReal Madrid
2001–02Rafael BenítezValencia
2002–03Vicente del Bosque Real Madrid
2003–04Rafael Benítez Valencia
2004–05Frank RijkaardBarcelona
2005–06Frank Rijkaard Barcelona
2006–07Fabio Capello Real Madrid
2007–08Bernd SchusterReal Madrid
2008–09Pep GuardiolaBarcelona
2009–10Pep Guardiola Barcelona
2010–11Pep GuardiolaBarcelona
2011–12José MourinhoReal Madrid
2012–13Tito VilanovaBarcelona
2013–14Diego SimeoneAtlético Madrid
2014–15Luis EnriqueBarcelona
2015–16Luis Enrique Barcelona
2016–17Zinedine ZidaneReal Madrid
2017–18Ernesto ValverdeBarcelona
2018–19Ernesto Valverde Barcelona
2019–20Zinedine ZidaneReal Madrid
2020–21Diego Simeone Atlético Madrid
2021–22Carlo AncelottiReal Madrid

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