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Let’s imagine that your head is not correct – Mr Macaroni on D’banj, N-Power saga


Let’s imagine that your head is not correct – Mr Macaroni on D’banj, N-Power saga

Comedian and actor Mr Macaroni has knocked a Twitter user who dragged him into singer D’banj’s saga with the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) over a fraud allegation.

D’banj was detained by the ICPC for allegedly collaborating with some government officials to introduce ghost beneficiaries into the payroll of the N-Power scheme in order to divert funds.

Speaking on his arrest on Wednesday, a Twitter user identified as Emmy claimed that the government would have been accused of oppressing their opposition had Mr Macaroni been arrested instead of D’banj.

Displeased with the statement, Mr Macaroni fired back at the Emmy saying, “Why not imagine that it was your Father that was arrested? What would people say? Since we are all imagining.”

Weighing on the matter, popular Twitter influencer Daniel Regha tackled Mr Macaroni for dragging Emmy’s father into their conversation.

Daniel wrote: “Macaroni, involving people’s loved ones in ur clapbacks isn’t right; Especially their parents. Show some respect. Direct ur response to whoever triggers u. Fans will hype ur acts but u should know better cos as a public figure whatever u do is emulated by many. Tread carefully.”

“I didn’t disrespect anyone. She imagined and I also imagined. We are all just imagining things. For instance, let’s imagine that your own head is not correct.. it’s not disrespect. It’s just imagination. No offense,” Mr Macaroni retorted.

Meanwhile, D’banj has denied any complicity in the fraud allegations against him.

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