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Liverpool Trophy List since 1893 to date (Fully detailed)


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Liverpool Trophies List

Do you have an idea of the total Liverpool Trophy list and how many they are?

This article shows Liverpool champions league trophies and honours, premier league titles, Steven Gerrard trophies, Jurgen Klopp trophies, the Reds’ major trophies from the last 10 years, European trophies and many more.

Let me not waste your time and go straight to show you the Liverpool trophies list.

Liverpool Trophy List

European CupWinner1976-77
European CupWinner1977-78
European CupWinner1980-81
European CupWinner1983-84
European CupRunner-up1984-85
FA Charity ShieldWinner1964
FA Charity ShieldWinner1965
FA Charity ShieldWinner1966
FA Charity ShieldWinner1974
FA Charity ShieldWinner1976
FA Charity ShieldWinner1977
FA Charity ShieldWinner1979
FA Charity ShieldWinner1980
FA Charity ShieldWinner1982
FA Charity ShieldWinner1986
FA Charity ShieldWinner1988
FA Charity ShieldWinner1989
FA Charity ShieldWinner1990
FA Charity ShieldWinner2001
FA Community ShieldWinner2006
FA Community ShieldWinner2022
FA CupRunner-up1913-14
FA CupRunner-up1949-50
FA CupWinner1964-65
FA CupRunner-up1970-71
FA CupWinner1973-74
FA CupRunner-up1976-77
FA CupWinner1985-86
FA CupRunner-up1987-88
FA CupWinner1988-89
FA CupWinner1991-92
FA CupRunner-up1995-96
FA CupWinner2000-01
FA CupWinner2005-06
FA CupRunner-up2011-12
FA CupWinner2021-22
FIFA Club World CupRunner-up2005
FIFA Club World CupWinner2019
Football League CupRunner-up1977-78
Football League CupWinner1980-81
Football League CupWinner1981-82
Football League CupWinner1982-83
Football League CupWinner1983-84
Football League CupRunner-up1986-87
Football League CupWinner1994-95
Football League CupWinner2000-01
Football League CupWinner2002-03
Football League CupRunner-up2004-05
Football League CupWinner2011-12
Football League CupWinner2021-22
Intercontinental CupRunner-up1980-81
Intercontinental CupRunner-up1984
League Division OneRunner-up1898-99
League Division OneChampion1900-01
League Division OneChampion1905-06
League Division OneRunner-up1909-10
League Division OneChampion1921-22
League Division OneChampion1922-23
League Division OneChampion1946-47
League Division OneChampion1963-64
League Division OneChampion1965-66
League Division OneRunner-up1968-69
League Division OneChampion1972-73
League Division OneRunner-up1973-74
League Division OneRunner-up1974-75
League Division OneChampion1975-76
League Division OneChampion1976-77
League Division OneRunner-up1977-78
League Division OneChampion1978-79
League Division OneChampion1979-80
League Division OneChampion1981-82
League Division OneChampion1982-83
League Division OneChampion1983-84
League Division OneRunner-up1984-85
League Division OneChampion1985-86
League Division OneRunner-up1986-87
League Division OneChampion1987-88
League Division OneRunner-up1988-89
League Division OneChampion1989-90
League Division OneRunner-up1990-91
League Division TwoChampion1893-94
League Division TwoChampion1895-96
League Division TwoChampion1904-05
League Division TwoChampion1961-62
Premier LeagueRunner-up2001-02
Premier LeagueRunner-up2008-09
Premier LeagueRunner-up2013-14
Premier LeagueRunner-up2018-19
Premier LeagueChampion2019-20
Premier LeagueRunner-up2021-22
UEFA Champions LeagueWinner2004-05
UEFA Champions LeagueRunner-up2006-07
UEFA Champions LeagueRunner-up2006-07
UEFA Champions LeagueWinner2018-19
UEFA Champions LeagueRunner-up2021-22
UEFA CupWinner1972-73
UEFA CupWinner1975-76
UEFA CupWinner2000-01
UEFA Europa LeagueRunner-up2015-16
UEFA Super CupWinner1976-77
UEFA Super CupWinner2000-01
UEFA Super CupWinner2005
UEFA Super CupWinner2019
World Soccer Team of the YearWinner2001

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