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Man Utd Reportedly Discusses Mason Greenwood’s Reintegration with Sponsor

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Man Utd Reportedly Discusses Mason Greenwood's Reintegration with Sponsor

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Manchester United has reportedly been in discussions with one of their main sponsors, Adidas, regarding the potential reintegration of Mason Greenwood.

Greenwood has been suspended by the club since facing criminal allegations in January 2022, although the charges have since been dropped.

The club has not yet made a decision on whether to bring him back into the squad, and there have been suggestions of loaning him out or exploring other options such as selling him or releasing him from his contract.

The talks with Adidas are said to have been positive, and there is a possibility that other sponsors may follow suit.

However, Adidas has stated that team line-ups are a decision for the club and that they have no influence over them.

Manchester United has not commented on the matter.

A source suggests that Adidas is not fiercely opposed to Greenwood’s return and has given the impression that it would not be an insurmountable obstacle.

The club is considering all options, and public opinion will play a part in the decision.

The final decision on Greenwood’s future is expected to be made within a few weeks.

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