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Man Utd unveils ‘Ronaldo Rule’ at Old Trafford

by NaijNaira
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Man Utd unveils 'Ronaldo Rule' at Old Trafford

Manchester United have reportedly introduced a new “Ronaldo Rule” at Old Trafford to cap players’ wages, in order to prevent one from earning significantly more than the others in a team.

The “Ronaldo Rule” of capping each player’s wage at £200,000 per week has been implemented to avoid encouraging rivalries among them.

This could cause some issues with current contract negotiations but Man United seem determined to stay firmly behind the rule.

Reports suggest they recently backed up the Ronaldo Rule by signing Jack Butland on loan from Crystal Palace.

With such an important decision behind them, Manchester United can now focus on competing in the Premier League as they are presently fourth on the table – behind Arsenal, Manchester City and Newcastle United.

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