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More Proof of Davido’s Cheating, Pregnancy Scandal with Anita Brown Surfaces

by NaijNaira
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More Proof of Davido's Cheating, Pregnancy Scandal with Anita Brown Surfaces

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New evidence has emerged supporting the claims that popular singer Davido cheated on his partner Chioma and got his American girlfriend Anita Brown pregnant.

Brown, who previously stated that she was pregnant for Davido but later retracted her claim, has now provided further proof of their relationship and her pregnancy.

She has shared screenshots of chats with Davido and his cousin, where they discussed the possibility of paying her off to terminate the pregnancy.

“What really kills me is this married man narrative you all are dragging, cut it out. I did not know he was married, on God. Go to his page, does he look like a married man? I’m confused. Rest in peace to the child, people knew about the baby, but nobody knew he got married.

“I’m in America, nobody here knew, sorry. It’s not on the blogs, it’s not a big thing, if a man ain’t telling me, then I don’t know and I wasn’t checking for it because I’m not looking to get married, I’m not looking for that right now so that wasn’t something that I was in search for, I wasn’t digging up anything like that, so, no I didn’t know. I actually found out after the fact and then I found out after the fact that I’m actually pregnant so y’all should cut it out, maybe I’m a fornicator, but never an adulterer, calm down,” Brown maintained.

However, Brown refused and insisted on confirming the paternity through tests.

She also defended herself against allegations of dating a married man, stating that she was unaware of Davido’s marital status at the time.

“I didn’t know Chioma was currently pregnant, I don’t wish her bad, But I am also pregnant with Davido‘ s Baby and I don’t want her Husband Davido”

Fans have pointed to Davido’s hit song “Assurance,” where he mentions Anita’s name, as evidence of their relationship.

Despite Davido’s request for her to go away in the song, Brown claims that he continued to see her, resulting in her pregnancy.

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