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MTN Night Plan for Pulse {Code, Time, Check Balance} 2020

One of the best midnight plan right now in 2020 that money can buy is from mtn. And in this write up, you will learn about it all.

For a little bit more than two years (July 2016 – August 2018), lot of folks enjoyed the original mtn night plan bundle that gives 500MB for just 25 Naira to their customers on Pulse call plan.

mtn night plan

However, the midnight browsing bundle has recently been revised which not just saw the amount of data volume slashed but the package now has two plans under it and pursuant to our doing here on NaijNaira, below are all the new details.

Talking of browsing in the night, Airtel used to have one of the best internet offers in this category but was also suddenly scrapped. That was long time ago though.

MTN Night Plan 2020 Code

To subscribe to mtn pulse nightlife bundles, just dial *406# >> reply with 3 >> 1 for 250mb for 25 Naira >> 2 for 500mb for 50 Naira.

Alternatively, you can just text NT1 or NT2 to 131 to get 250MB or 500MB for 25 and 50 Naira respectively.

You can subscribe up to 2GB per night on a sim. Meaning, you can do the 50 Naira sub 4 times and the 25 Naira sub 8 times in a night on a single sim.

How to Check MTN Pulse Night Plan Data Balance

To know how much data volume you have left on your nightlife bundle, just dial *559*96# and *406# >> 4 >> 3.

Once you dial this code, your balance will be displayed and you will also receive an sms containing the same information.

What is MTN Night Browsing Bundle Time?

It was called a night plan for a reason wasn’t it? Well, it only works between the hours of 11PM – 6AM everyday including public holidays and weekends.

Personal Opinion on MTN MidNight Browsing

The cost of browsing in Nigeria is already on the high side and telecommunication giants like MTN should know this used to be one of the best alternative most Nigerians have to surf the internet even though it require them staying awake while others are sleeping.

Most people are not online to waste their time just going through social media. Numerous people are now wise and see the unlimited opportunities available to them online and are ready to learn, work and earn through it.

What i am hoping for is that the mtn will reconsider and return the plan to what it used to be. You can also make your opinion known by using the comment box.

Previously on MTN MidNight Package

It was one of the best thing that happen to internet users in mid 2016 when the telecommunication giant announced the bundle. It was only couple of days after airtel discontinued their time based night plan which is still the best plan in this category ever.

Then, you just have to text night to 131. Your will get an airtime debit or 25 Naira and you will receive a message that says (Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account).

In that good old days, there was no official way of knowing how much data you have used or how much you have left (the only con of the plan) and we have to rely on data usage on Android and MTN fastlink statistics interface on PC to measure the amount of data that has been used.

mtn pulse midnight plan

Then, in August 2018, mtn suddenly slashed the package and divide it into two to have 125MB for 25 Naira and 250MB for 50 Naira. That didn’t meet most Nigerians well as numerous left them for airtel that was still giving 500MB for 25 Naira.

Three months later (November 2018), mtn revisited the plan and revised it to what we currently have now. It is not what we used to have but better than what we had after the first revision.

Old Night Plan.

  • To opt in to mtn 25 naira midnight subscription, you must be on mtn pulse. To migrate to mtn pulse, dial *406# and reply with 1.
  • Make sure you have a minimum of 25 naira on your phone, modem or mifi.
  • Text night to 131.

You will receive a success message that;

Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account.

You have just subscribe to mtn 500mb for n25 night plan and you can browse and download till you exhaust 500MB. But it is actually 400mb – 500mb lately.


At the moment, mtn night plan is still one of the best offer you can get in this category. To get the best out of this package, you should only subscribe after 12AM, let’s say 12:10AM.

You can only purchase this bundle up to 500MB per day on an mtn sim. What this mean is that you can buy the 250MB twice and the 500MB just once.

It works on all device from smartphones, tablets, PC to modem, Wifi and Mifi.

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