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MTN Pulse Migration Code, Benefits & Data Plan

In parts and different articles, i have talked about mtn pulse call plan here on NaijNaira and it feels nice writing about all its benefits, features, call rates and migration code in just one post.mtn pulse

Pulse is not just the best mtn tariff plan, it is on top of the list of the best call plans in Nigeria right now when compared to the best from 9mobile, glo and airtel. It comes with numerous features with mouth watery offers.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the full details of this prepaid plan.

MTN Pulse Benefits & Features

This plan has the best and money making features of mtn attached to it. From night plan to instabinge plan, Music+, weekly plan and cheapest call rate. If you don’t know about any of the above before, worry not that’s what this write up is all about. Kindly note that this is completely different from mtn mpulse launched couple of months ago for Nigerian teens.

Pulse NightLife

If you ask people why they are on mtn nigeria pulse plan, one of the most reason is to be able to subscribe for mtn night browsing. Yes, you heard that right. It doesn’t work on any other call plan from mtn.

There are two bundles attached to this plan. You can decide to either go for the 25 Naira plan that gives 250MB or the 50 Naira plan that gives 500MB. You can subscribe by sending NT1 to 131 for the 250MB or NT2 to 131 for 500MB.

Note that you can only use this bundle between 12AM – 5AM after which unused data will be cleared. You can check your nightlife data balance using *559*96#.

Pulse InstaBinge Bundles

Here comes another great offer from pulse tariff called pulse instabinge bundle. It is a great plan for mtn subscribers on instagram.

It also has two bundles attached to its name and it is only valid for 24 hours. You can choose to either subscribe for the 100 Naira plan that gives 250MB by sending INSTD1 to 131 or the 200 Naira for 1GB by texting INSTD2 to 131 as SMS.

You can check your data balance by dialing *559*39#. Note that you can subscribe to this plan as many times as you want in a day.

MTN 500MB Weekly Data Plan

Another great benefit for users on pulse is that they get to subscribe to the normal 500MB for 500 Naira 7 days plan and receive 500 MB as bonus. Meaning if you a pulse subscriber and buy this weekly plan, you get 1GB instead of 500MB.

You can subscribe to as many as you want but data roll over is only applicable to the main 500MB and the bonus account will be cleared upon expiry.

To subscribe to this data bundle, dial *406*2#. You can check mtn weekly data plan balance by dialing *131*4# (main account) and *559*63# (bonus account). Or you can just text 2 to 131 to receive all balance(s) including bonus as SMS.

Pulse Data Plan Bonus Upon Recharge

You will receive 10MB when you recharge 100 Naira and 20MB for 200 Naira and above recharge. This bonus will only be received if the top up is the first in 7 days. This bonus is however only valid for one day.

Pulse Call Rate & 100 Naira Airtime Calculation

You will be charged 25 K/Sec for the first 50 seconds of every new day and then the call rate drops to 11 kobo per second for the rest of the day.

Meaning that for the first 50 seconds, you will be charged 12.50 Naira.

So, let’s calculate the talktime for 100 Naira airtime recharge assuming you used all in a day.mtn Nigeria ipulse

100 – 12.5 = 87.5 Naira after the first 50 seconds or 0.8333 minutes.

Now that the call rate has dropped to 11 k/sec, the remaining 87.5 Naira or 8750 Kobo will give you talk time of.

11k – 1 second.

8750 Kobo – X.

X = Talktime = 795.46 seconds = 13.26 minutes.

Total Talktime = 13.26 minutes + 0.8333 minutes = 14.1 minutes.

Basically, what this mean is that with 100 Naira airtime, you can talk for 14.1 minutes irrespective of which Nigeria network you call.

MTN Pulse Migration Code

If you like the benefits of pulse listed above and want to migrate, dial any of the *123*2*2# or *406*1#. You can also subscribe by texting 406 to 131. Migration is free, only if you haven’t migrate to or from any other plan in the last 30 days.

Wrapping Up

By now you must have been convinced that mtn nigeria pulse is indeed one of the best call plans in Nigeria today. It has different great plans and offers credited to it. Was this article an eye opener? If yes, kindly share using the social media buttons below.

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  1. Grace mogbonjubola

    Hi am grace I frequently make use Mtn , but I loaded #2000 to have xtradata listed with *131# and I was told am not eligeble.pls see to this thanks

  2. The MTN data is given to me but i can’t use it. It stays the same as 500mb. This happens alternatively, one day on, one day off, off being that I can’t use it. What can one do?

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