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UAE Denies Lifting Visa Ban on Nigerian Travelers

by Thomasina Oseye
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UAE Denies Lifting Visa Ban on Nigerian Travelers

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Contrary to claims made by the Nigerian government, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has denied lifting the year-long visa ban on Nigerian travellers.

An official from the UAE stated that there have been no changes to the travel status between the two countries.

Last October, the UAE announced that it would no longer issue visas to citizens from Nigeria and 19 other African nations, without providing further details.

Flights between the UAE and Nigeria were also suspended after Dubai’s Emirates airline faced difficulties accessing and repatriating funds amounting to $85 million in Nigeria.

While Nigerian President Bola Tinubu and UAE leader Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan recently met and reportedly finalized an agreement, the UAE government’s statement did not mention the lifting of the visa ban or the resumption of flights.

Nigerian government officials have stated that more time is needed to finalize the agreement details.

Dubai is a popular destination for Nigerian tourists and real estate investors, with Nigerians previously ranking among Dubai’s largest foreign real estate investors.

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