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New Study: Cooking with Gas is Worse for your Health

With 1 in 8 asthma cases in children being attributed to gas cookers, and their environmental impact less than ideal, this is likely to have a big impact on how we heat up our food


New Study Cooking with Gas is Worse for your Health

A groundbreaking new study by Imperial College London has revealed a shocking truth—that gas cookers can make kitchens more polluted than major cities.

According to the study, gas stoves produce high levels of nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter, which is the same type of material found in car exhaust fumes.

This toxic vapour can irritate the lungs and even enter the bloodstream to increase risks of heart disease, Alzheimer’s and asthma.

In addition to this, when one parent cooked with a gas stove while children wore air pollution monitors in their backpacks, they were exposed to far more air pollution at home than when they walked to school.

This makes gas stoves a “major source of indoor air pollution” according to Professor Frank Kelly.

And as Prof Steffen Loft from the University of Copenhagen also points out, these health risks associated with using a gas cooker may even be larger than living in a polluted city.

To put an end to this hazardous phenomenon, the UK Government has said that no new homes will contain fossil fuel heating systems by 2025 – including gas cookers.

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