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Nigerians Warned of Impending Food Crisis in Coming Months

by NaijNaira
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Former Nigerian Governor Warns of Impending Food Crisis in Coming Months

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Alhaji Attahiru Bafarawa, a former Governor of Sokoto State, has expressed concern over the increasing banditry in the North-West and North-East regions of Nigeria, stating that it poses a serious threat to food security in the country.

Bafarawa emphasized that the government should prioritize food security over other issues such as cabinet appointments and the economy.

He warned that if immediate measures are not taken to address the insecurity, the North would face severe educational setbacks in the next 50 years.

Bafarawa highlighted the closure of primary and secondary schools in the Northern region due to bandit activities, describing it as a disastrous situation.

He urged the government to take action to prevent a food crisis in the coming months, particularly in the North-West and North-East regions.

Bafarawa emphasized the need for the government to prioritize fighting insecurity, especially food insecurity, in order to prevent further deterioration of the situation.

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