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“Pay your 20million debt” Daniel Regha drags Davido amidst return

by NaijNaira
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Singer Davido has been challenged by a well-known Nigerian Twitter critic Daniel Regha to pay his N20 million debt before he releases his next album.

We will recall that the Nigerian singer Davido,  pledged to provide N20 million to 20 of his fans in order to lessen people’s suffering at some point last year.

He observed people were going through hard-times and he wanted to make some business-minded men’s life better.

Following the musician’s announcement that an album would be released on March 31st 2023.

According to the social media critic, he  posted  a tweet on his Twitter handle:

Davido should endeavour to pay the N20 million he owes before releasing his album; he publicly promised so people are entitled to know when the money is being disbursed and who’re the beneficiaries. He has helped in the past, but that doesn’t erase this N20m debt. He should keep his word.




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