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PHOTOS: John Dumelo’s new look gets fans talking on what had happened to him


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John Dumelo's new looks break the internet

Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo has shared a picture of himself courting conversation on social media.

Taking to Snapchat to share three different images of himself clad in a black Polo shirt and with a clean shave, the aspiring politician had strands of grey hair visible on his head and seemed to have put on some weight.

In one of the pictures he shared on November 28, 2022, he wrote the caption, ‘God is good’.

While some social media users are asserting that the father of two was starting to look more like former president John Dramani Mahama, others believe old age was catching up with him gradually.

A few hours after the actor’s post on Snapchat, netizens took screenshots of him and circulated them all over social media, gathering very interesting reactions.

In some reactions, a user said, “I can tell most ladies dunno when you take off your moustache it makes you look older.

“Tell your beard gang boyfriends to shave their beards and most of you will leave the relationship. In conclusion, Shatta Wale isn’t ugly he just likes to shave his moustache.”

“My big sister started getting grey at 24 by the age of 34 the whole hair is grey so grey is a blessing too,” another added.

A third said, “It’s the beard he shaved, he’s just looking different not old. Grey hair dier my primary school mate bi kraaa had some in class 6, 3y3 normal.”

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