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Salary Of Nigerian Governors, Deputy, Ministers, Senators

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salary of Nigerian Governors

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How much is the salary of Nigerian Governors? How much do Nigerian Governors earn monthly? What is the salary of a Governor per month? How much is the Nigerian president’s salary? How many years do governors serve in Nigeria? How much does Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu earn per month? What is the pension of a Governor? This article is a comprehensive guide on the salaries of Governors in Nigeria.

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Salaries Of Governors In Nigeria

Are you curious about the salaries of Governors in Nigeria? Read this post for a comprehensive breakdown of the different earnings including pension and allowances.

The 36 State Governors in Nigeria, according to the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Package (RMAFP), each earn a monthly basic salary of ₦2,223,705, a yearly pay of ₦11,540,896, as well as an annual leave allowance of ₦222,370.50.

State Governors are entitled to 400% of their annual basic salary (which should be ₦8,894,820.00) as loans for vehicles and maintenance.

Medical expenses, estacodes and duty tour allowance are usually provided on request by a governor. And upon completion of his tenure, the governor receives a severance gratuity of ₦6,671,115.

See a breakdown of a State governor’s salary and allowance in Nigeria below:

  • Total salary: ₦11,540,896
  • Basic salary: ₦2,223,705
  • Leave allowance: ₦222,370.50
  • Vehicle loan: 400% of annual basic salary.
  • End of tenure gratuity: ₦6,671,115

Deputy Governor Salary In Nigeria

A deputy governor’s salary is about ₦10,772,296 per annum, thus the basic salary that the deputy governor earns is ₦2,112,215. He gets an ₦8,448,860 vehicle loan as well as an annual leave allowance of ₦211,221.50.

Medical bills, accommodation, furniture and travel allowance for a deputy governor are provided for by the state government.

See a breakdown of a Deputy State Governors’ salaries below:

  • Basic salary: ₦2,112,215.
  • Car loan: ₦8,448,860
  • Annual leave allowance: ₦211,221.50

Minister Salary In Nigeria

A minister’s salary in Nigeria is ₦487 million annually which includes all the allowances and bonuses he/she is entitled to.

See the full breakdown of ministers’ salaries:

  • Basic salary: ₦2,026,400
  • Car Refueling and Service: ₦1,519,000
  • Domestic Staff: ₦1519,000
  • Entertainment: ₦911,800
  • Utilities cost: ₦607,920.
  • Personal Assistant allowance: ₦506,600
  • Monitoring allowance: ₦405,280
  • Newspaper allowance: ₦303,960.
  • Leave Allowance: ₦202,640.
  • Tour duty allowance: ₦35,000.
  • Estacode allowance: $900 USD per night
  • Housing allowance: ₦4,052,800.
  • Furniture allowance: ₦6,079,200.
  • Motor Vehicle loan: ₦8,105,600.

Salary Of Senators/House of Rep In Nigeria

The monthly Salary of a Nigerian Senator is ₦1.5 million while that of a member of the House of Representatives is ₦1.3 million.

A senator’s average quarterly office running cost is about ₦13m while that of a member of the House of Representatives is ₦8m which amounts to ₦52m per annum and ₦32m in a year respectively.

These quarterly office allowances cover costs of local/international travel, consulting of professional services, medical services, office stationeries/computers, consumables, books, newspapers, magazines, maintenance of motor vehicles and office equipment among others.

Wrap Up

So now you know not only the salary of Nigerian Governors but that of their deputies, Ministers, senators and honourable in the House of Representatives.


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