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Simi: “Just know My Album This Year Will Be The Album You Need From Me”

by NaijNaira
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Nigerian female singer Simi has pleaded with her fans to be patient as she completes her upcoming album.

She explained that despite having three plans, they were all derailed by life.

She also mentioned that she doesn’t want to put out bad music because she commonly finds that when she releases bad music under pressure, she later regrets or dislikes it.. She Promised that the album will be released this year.

Her tweet reads:

Army asking me when I’m dropping new new. I feel like I’m letting y’all down I had a plan. Actually like 3 plans – but life will life and you roll with the punches. And I don’t want to give you rubbish stuff.

“Just know My album this year will be the album you need from me. Everytime I’ve dropped a song because “time” – I’ve ended up not liking the song or regretting it lol. I’m not doing that anymore. Be patient with me.”

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