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Sportybet Agent Nigeria: Registration, Requirements, Commission

by NaijNaira
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Sportybet Agent Nigeria Registration, Requirements, Commission

SportyBet is an online mobile sports betting platform introduced in 2009 by Akin Alabi and licensed in Nigeria by the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) under License No.0000355.

it’s one of the betting platforms in Nigeria’s betting industry that offers prospective agents a favourable profit. In other words, becoming an agent of SportyBet can help ease financial burdens, and ideally bring about a return on investment whenever there’s a loss or win.

However, the worry of prospective agents for this betting platform is how to go about becoming an agent and make a huge profit in return given the growth of the industry in Nigeria which has been greatly enhanced by the use of mobile phones by the large Nigerian population who has access to the internet.

And this brings about the one question that has been asked over time – how to become an agent for not just SportyBet alone, but sports betting platforms generally.

But in this piece, we will stick to SportyBet alone due to the irresistible benefits waiting to be enjoyed when one becomes an agent.

Before becoming a SportyBet agent, there are a few things to know. How to become a SportyBet agent is totally different from asking how to register on SportyBet.

Being a professional betting agent or broker serves as an intermediary between the various bookmakers and the bettors that places the bet.

The agent guides and helps bettors to create betting accounts on their preferred betting platform.

Sportybet Agent Nigeria

Things to know about Sportybet Agent

  • The minimum amount that can be staked is N100 on sports and virtual games while there is no limit for the maximum stake.
  • Personal users of Sportybet are not allowed to withdraw winnings exceeding double their stakes which means that a personal user who has a winning of N5 million but only has a total stake history of N5,000 will only be able to withdraw N10,000 at each deposit request.
  • Sportybet only allows a maximum of three withdrawals for each which means that the user can only access 30k daily.
  • The available games for gaining commission are live sports events, virtual or simulated leagues

Requirements of prospective SportyBet agent

​​Registration fee: Sportybet registration fee ranges from a minimum of ten thousand Naira to anywhere between a hundred thousand Naira.

  • ​Available games to stake
  • ​Obtaining of license from Nigeria’s lottery board
  • ​Fast internet connection
  • A connected cable for live match viewing
  • Television sets
  • ​Distance between close shop: walking minutes of 15 – 20
  • ​Constant power supply
  • A standard shop

See how to how To Open a Sports Betting Shop In Nigeria.

How to register

​The official website for sportybet still remains the same as the normal user site where you can sign up and login and proceed to play your game.

The official website is www.sportybet.com where the Sportybet Agent Registration will be done in order to have a SportyBet Account to help bettors bet offline.

On your PC, visit the sportybet website via www.sportybet.com/ng

Scroll down and click the ‘Register as an Agent link.

The user will then be directed to an application field which will request the user to fill in his/her personal information (such as email, password, WhatsApp number), account data (username and password) and address details (country, town, city, street and landmarks).

When this is done, the user will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions of the company by ticking a box. Then, the user will click the box beside the minimum age policy and click register.

A mail will be sent to the email account provided by the user on how to set up the agent account.

Commission Breakdown

Total Commission Net live Sports Events Commission + Net Virtual Sports Events Commission

Net live sports events Commission 20% (live sports events Total Confirmed Stake- live sports events-Deductions)

Net Virtual Sports Commission = 20% (Virtual Sports Event Stake – Deductions)

Total Settled Stake: Total stake of bets with settled market results

Deductions: The deductions are the money issues that arise from bank-related transfer issues, losses incurred with returned stakes, voids, and any other form of loss.

Benefits of becoming a betting agent

As mentioned earlier, becoming an agent provides you with exciting and irresistible benefits like the following:

​Commission of 10 – 15% on total weekly sales: If the commission somehow turns out to be negative, that is, deductions exceed confirmed stakes, the negative balance will be carried over to the following month.

​Generating money whenever you print a bet slip.

​Receiving commissions when your cashiers are used in registering either online or mobile.

​Day-to-day income is assured.

​There’s less risk or liability for winning bets as agents do not have to share in the company’s loss.

SportyBet Web Portal & Customer Care Phone Number

The official Website for sportybet remains the same as the normal user site where users can Sign up and log in and proceed to play their game.

SPORTYBET PHONE NUMBER: SportyBet Customer Care Phone

Number: 07008888888

Email: nigeria.support@SportyBet.com

There you have it. We hope you now know how to go about always contacting them whenever you wish to know more about the Sportybet Agent Registration Online Successfully when it is going to be available, and others.

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