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Standard Chartered Bank Swift Code (Nigeria Branches)

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standard chartered bank swift code

You would find most of their branches in top Nigerian cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja; they have their headquarters in Lagos. If you are looking for a standard chartered bank swift code, you can check it below.

Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria is a subsidiary of Standard Chartered Bank Plc, UK; the bank started banking operations in Nigeria in the year 1999.

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Standard Chartered Bank Swift Code

SCBLNGLA is the SWIFT code of Standard Chartered Bank.

Swift code for Standard chartered bank Nigeria can be divided into 4 parts for easy understanding and they are;

  • SCBL – The bank code of Standard Chartered Bank
  • NG – The country code of Nigeria
  • LA – The location code of Lagos
standard chartered bank swift code

Lagos is used because it is where the head office of Standard Chartered bank is located and the head office covers all branches in the country.

What is a SWIFT Code

SWIFT – Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication – code is a code that enables banks to process international money transfers. The transfer is done through the SWIFT network and with the help of the SWIFT code, the money will get to the right bank and then to the right account.

In Nigeria, if you are planning on receiving money from overseas or you are sending money, the SWIFT code of the receiver’s bank must be provided. SWIFT codes can be 8 or 11 characters as it combines different individual codes.

The first 4 letters of the code are the bank code, the next 2 letters represent the country where the bank is located and the last two represent the city where the bank is – that is for an 8-digit code. To make it 11, the 3 letters of the bank branch code are included.

Ways to find swift code for Standard chartered bank

If you are looking for the SWIFT code of your bank or that of some other bank, you can get it via any of the following ways;

1.) Calling or Visiting the bank

Banks do have contact phone numbers that you can call and ask for the SWIFT code; this is ideal if you are trying to find the SWIFT code of a bank outside your country. If the bank is close to you, you can visit and ask any of the bank staff and they will provide the SWIFT code for you.

2.) Visit the bank’s website

Banks do list their SWIFT code on their website so customers can check them up. When you visit your bank’s website, use the search option to look up the SWIFT code or check their FAQ page.

3.) Check your bank statement

On your bank statement, you would find the SWIFT code of your bank; they always include it along with other bank details.

Check your bank statement to find your bank’s SWIFT code. Banks will often put their SWIFT code on bank statements. Check one of your recent statements to see if the SWIFT code is listed. If you don’t receive paper statements, login to your bank account online and view your statement there.

4.) Perform an online search

Just like you did before coming to this page; perform an online search on Google and you will get relevant results. There are bank SWIFT code directories online you can use to carry out your search, you just need to select the country and bank.

Final Note on Standard Chartered Bank Swift Code

There you have it on standard chartered swift code from the combination to how it was formed and how to get it easily as a customer of the bank. Feel free to use the comment box if there is anything you don’t understand.

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