Polaris Bank Transfer Code ~ Send Money with Phone

Couple of months ago, new investors took over the helm of affairs at skye bank and decided to change the name. Don’t worry polaris bank transfer code and most other things still remain the same as it was during the era of skye.

polaris bank transfer code

I have updated all my article on skye bank to reflect the new changes and here today we are going to talk about polaris bank mobile transfer code which is an extension of skye (currently polaris) bank mobile banking code.

The transfer code is actually the most used feature of the 833 polaris mobile code. You can use it to send money from your polaris bank account to any bank account in Nigeria.

Among the few beauty of this code is that it works 24/7 and with all the 4 major networks in Nigeria. However, the number you are dialing this code must be the one registered or associated with your bank account. It is often referred to as alertz number.

Polaris Bank Transfer Code 2021

The code to transfer from polaris bank is *833*Amount*AccountNumber#. You have to dial it using the phone number registered to your bank account. You will then be prompted to choose the beneficiary bank from the pop up list and finally, you have to complete the transaction using your 4-digit transfer PIN.

How to Activate Polaris Bank Transfer Code

Dial *833# >> Reply 6 (check account balance) >> Enter nuban account number >> Create 4-digit transfer PIN >> Your balance will be displayed to you. That’s it you have successfully activated your account and number on this platform.

Before you can send money from your account using a ussd code, you have to first register on the platform. Don’t worry it is very easy and it is free. So just follow the steps above.

It is only then you can use the above code for sending money.

Polaris Mobile Code Limit and Charges

polaris transfer code

The maximum you can transfer in a day is 50,000 Naira. Your network provider will also charge you between 1 – 5 Naira. The transfer charges including VAT (Value Added Tax) is 10, 20, 50 Naira to other banks depending on how much you are sending and 10.5 Naira to another polaris account.

Should you have any issue with this platform, do not hesitate to reach polaris bank on Twitter or any through phone call via 070075932265 or 014482100.

Wrapping Up

Mobile ussd code has made banking in Nigeria much more easier, faster and safer. This code is not limited to transferring funds, it can also be used to recharge airtime and check account balance. You can check my previous article on polaris bank ussd code for full details on them. In the mean time, kindly share this article on polaris bank transfer code using the social media buttons below.

My name is Rasaq Olayemi. Being a user of the services provided by most Nigerian banks and satellite tv providers, I decided to create this blog to help people that are new to them.

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  1. Fasasi Faruq olatunji

    Have been trying to activated my number for a transfer transaction but responding me with Invalid MMI number. How do I go about it?

  2. Okiki tolulope

    Have been trying to activate my number for a transfer transaction but responding me with Invalid MMI number. How do I go about it?

    1. Rasaq Olayemi

      Most of the time, it means you do not have enough airtime to use the service. You need between 1 – 5 Naira to use some of these mobile banking codes.

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