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Startimes Customer Care 2020: Number & Live Chat

Startimes is one of the most used digital Pay Tv in Nigeria, it has four different cheap and affordable bouquet or subscriptions you can choose from. As an electronic/computer device, it is understandable it might misbehave sometimes and you might need customer care support when it does. This article will provide you with startimes customer care details which include their phone numbers, contact office address, website and their facebook & twitter social media accounts.startimes customer care

Startimes Customer Care Contacts

For immediate enquiry, assistance and service support, you can use any of these medium to reach startimes Nigeria customer care agents across the 36 states of the federation.

1.) Startimes Contact Phone Number: (094618888, 014618888). Feel free to reach startimes assistance agents via any of the above numbers, you will be charge at your network’s normal tariff call rate.

2.) Startimes Official Email Address: (dm@startimes.com.ng). This might not be the best way to contact Startimes in Nigeria, because it takes them hours if not days to reply you. But if you are short on airtime for all the enquiries, complaint or requests you want to make, you can then use this medium.

3.) Startimes Social Accounts: It is the fastest way to contact Startimes Nigeria. They will reply you in minutes and you can ask anything about their products and services.

Twitter Customer care: (https://twitter.com/startimes_ng).

Facebook Customer Contact: ( https://www.facebook.com/StarTimesNG).

4.) Startimes Nigeria Website: (http://www.startimestv.com/).

5.) Startimes Contact Address: You can also visit their head office in Nigeria at AFRIBANK House, Fatai Atere Way, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria. Visit their website for list of all their offices in Nigeria.

You can contact startimes Nigeria customer care with any of the above contact medium in Nigeria. Also check our previous article on GoTv customer care contact details. There is love in sharing, kindly make use of the social buttons below.

322 thoughts on “Startimes Customer Care 2020: Number & Live Chat”

  1. Hi, I subscribed for #1200 package via my phone and I was told that the transaction was unsuccessful. This I did twice via fcmb flexx and fcmb mobile respectively. I later noticed that my account was debited for the two transactions of which I av no access to d stations I subscribed for. Ayanbadejo ismail, smart card: 02146577364

    1. This happens a lot, not only with Access bank and startimes, but with online transactions. Contact your bank and they will make sure your money is refunded within 24 hours.

  2. Thanks. I was told that the smart card number is wrong during the course of the transaction. I implore you help me confirm the smart card number. 02146577364 is the number. Ayanbadejo ismail. 08074077507

    1. It is network bro, just give it time. It took mine almost two days to come up and according to them, they are aware of the problem and working on it.

      Thanks for stopping by.

    2. I made a payment of #2600(which is suppose to run for 2months) on d 29th of May. Surprisingly, it worked only for a day and I was denied viewing. Card no:02110739815(Mr aremu taofeek)


    For the last time please and please restore to us NBA basketball the league has started for the next year also BET and TLC . We are Africa a Nigerian for that matter how many Indian channels are we to watch 15 channels is too much likewise your Neo- Go & Geography channels is full of repetition l wonder whether you people go through this stations at all . if you want to make money to please your customer.



  5. Hi,i subscribe for 1200 package through quickteller my transaction was successful but the channels is still locked,saying card problem.

  6. AYOOLA Oladotun Seth

    Bring back NBA basketball, BET and TLC channels . Am one of your customer those channels need to be restore for our enjoyment.
    This is Africa the Indian channels is too much for us and out of 12 sport channels 9 is for football the remaining 3 is for foreign sport e.g horse racing, lce skate etc .no channel showing Basketball . l wonder whether you people watch your station Dorms

  7. I`m james j mamza,having recharge via GT bank by mobile phone and my account been debited but yet not activated.pls rectify this problem for me,its taken much time abt 4days.The SCN is 02146097720

    1. My name us Edeh ugochukwu from Ikorudu i recherge 1300 just because if children cartoon but the cartoon is not showing

  8. Good morning,plis I subscribed for the one week own on Monday evening,but we are only able to watch Nova bouquet of which we want basic bouquet ,plis kindly help us to change it bcos the one week will soon reach(the recorder number is 02027344844)

  9. Pst Ibrahim Yohanna Usman

    Good day. I wanted to subscribe for #800.00 via firstmoble but typed #8000.00. And my account was debited. Can you please help me out? My smart card no is 01831254282 and my phone no is 07034292864. Thanks

  10. I recharged 1200 via mobile banking and its not coming up. Its telling me smartcard error. Could u pls help me rectify. 02110767851

    1. Ibrahim H. Ayodele

      Pls my television has problem and I have subscription on it, I wish to stop the subscription till I fix the television up. card number:

  11. I made a subscription of 1200 through quick teller and the money has been deducted from my account and the stations are not working showing recharge kindly help out here is the card number 02110316746

  12. Dear Startimes,
    I recharged N2,400 for the classic bouquet since yesterday via my Accessmobile app. Transaction was successful but I still can’t view any channel except the free ones. Please assist urgently.
    Smart Card Number: 02027530005

  13. How do I change to another bouquet because I subscribed for classic bouquet #2400 yet it’s showing basic bouquet.

  14. hy am salmat I wanted to subscribe nova bouquent which is 800 but I mistakenly type 600 tru my diamond mobile banking and i was charged 750 including service charges, yet no channel is showing pls tell me want to do to rectify this pls

  15. I subscribed to my startimes decoder for 1200 basic bonquet around 10pm on the 19th of April 2017 via Gtb mobile Banking yet I have not been able to view any channels except the free ones.My smartcard number is 01467166203.

    1. I recharged 1300 via mobile banking and its not coming up. It is telling me smartcard error. Could u pls help me rectify. Smart card no is 02110310542
      Phone no: 08034015858

  16. This is the 2nd time my subscription will be blocked before month ending.I subscribed on the 4th of Aprail but my sub finished before month end.This is the 2nd time.2,400 is not easy to come by now.hope there won’t be a 3rd time.Go and ask GoTv @Wetheral Imo State.Make their fate no become una own too.02146029238.tnx

  17. Abdullahi m Umar

    Startime, I subscribe my account on Monday 8/5/2017 through quicktaller on first bank application with my bank account 2014183157 and I paid 1200 , after I was successfully paid I received a text with a reference number as 10942519809146 and since then am not on air why please.

  18. gud evening pls i recharge my star time but if i try to plug it refuse to on please help me, i dnt know what could have cause it

  19. I was charged 900 for a nova bouquet recharge only to see 800 written on the card. My demand for explanation fail on deaf ears. Moreover, after calling the customer care as directed by the seller, the customer care agent collected my data and assured me that she has credited my account. But I was unable to access any station all through the weekend except the startimeguide–0001. This morning I took everything to the seller, she took my card and assured me that there is money in it. Still I cant access anything except the delta tv which is a freechannel. What do i do? My card no: 02110156629.

  20. Mohammed Onipe Adams

    My Startimes decoder is requesting for code and unable to display channels. This my card number: 02139396510-4,pls fix it

  21. please can anyone help me? why is it that it is my favourite channels are always removed? there are only three channels that I like: series E1 which has been removed already and now kungfu channel 150 has been removed some minutes ago. l have researched two times and is not coming back. please can anyone help me to bring it back please am begging you please. hope to hear from you soon

  22. I subscribed yesterday 19 July 2017 but my subscription was supposed to expired 30 July, I decided to subscribe before due date because of frequent no service. But the payment didn’t appear. Please help solve this problem. Thanks. 02027700918

  23. i travelled and not being around for long but now am back but i want to comfirm if my old startime decoder star4020T is still active before i can subscribe again

  24. please Startime customer service personnel. I bought a Startime recharge card of 1300 yesterday and mistakenly put 3 instead of 2 as the last number of my of decoder number(02110133892). pls assist me to correct this. thanks

  25. I subscribed through union mobile for N900 on the 1st September,my account was debited,though I missed the last digit,up till this time ,my subscription didn’t come up and my account is still on debit.my smart card number is 02145786901 and my phone no is 08043098499..kindly rectify.

  26. Gbadebo bukola Stella

    Pls, I bought #900 startime since on 1st September 2017, but to my surprise my startime didn’t work. Kindly help me fix it, my number is 08033961106. Thanks

  27. I subscribed for N100 package through onecard yesterday 08/09/17. nothing came forth till now. kindly help me find solution to it. thanks. card no. 021 1098 1787.

  28. Since yesterday all the foreign news station has bn removed and I have automatically searched for stations and even done default settings but still to no avail pls what seem to be the problem.

  29. I subscribed through GTB mobile for N1,200 on the 16th September,my account was debited,up till this time, my subscription didn’t come up and my account is still on debit.my smart card number is 02145818218 and my phone no is 08036590128..kindly rectify

  30. Pls Iam Aniefiok Ekpa having recharge #900 via First bank by mobile phone 08036710811 and my account debited on sept 5,2017 time,10:32am on recorder no.01831255057 though the above mentioned number was error. My decoders no.is 01831258057.But yet to be activated pls rectify this problem for me it has taken more than a week now.

  31. I relocated from Moro local government of kwara to Offa local government and my startimes decoder is no more working. Card no 02110129538

  32. I recharge 1300 Startime subscription via gtbank yesterday the 10th of October 2017 but it’s not showing and my money has been deducted. My smart card number is 01831197316

    1. I subscribed to monthly basic package on the 1/03/2018 but to my surprise today. 20th of march today it shows pls recharge and the time of expiring has not reach. I used charge 1300 including ban charges. So pls rectify
      Register name: mohd nasir
      Card number 02146386415

  33. I recharge 800 startime subscription via Gtb yesterday 11th of November 2017..its not showing and the money has been deducted from my account…..please rectify, My smart card number is 02027860077

  34. I subscribed on 07/11/2017 for 2,600 for i month but am getting a message that my subscription will expire in 3day. This the second term am experiencing this in one month. Please call me or make the necessary correction.

  35. I subscribe for 900 from my GTBANK account for my Startimes account number 02110448252 since on the 9th November 2017. Up till now the subscription is not showing. Please help. My mobile is 08027474289

  36. Williams O. Ubawuiike

    Gud mrnin and happy Sunday my name is Williams O. Ubawuike I did subscriber online wit diamond app.of (3900 super) and it debuted me twice and it didn’t return uptil nw,dat is first and the second one is the until nw is still showing not subscribed .my card number is 01831037827

  37. Williams O. Ubawuiike

    Up till now d money has not returned ,I was debited twice and the subscription was not successful and up till now It has not returned please you people should do something this is the debit alart Serial numbers (1031DB1510339046432291062)(1031DB1510339285346030772)

  38. Pls I subscribed yesterday 14nov and I was debited but it showed not subscribed.I was told that I did not subscribe. Pls credit my account to enable me subscribe direct and enjoy viewing.thanks.

  39. I subsribed for N900 since last wk via a dealer in zaria on getting dwn to lagos its not working till dis moment d card number is 01831079275 & my gsm number is 08068618545

  40. I bought d recharge card at ur ikotun outlet of 1300 n notice i cnt recharge d card since yesterday my smart card number is 08131116908……please kindly call mi cos i normally recharge wit my number, pls reply so i can gv u my details

  41. Please we subscribed yesterday super one month but we paid only #2000. Since yesterday it has not started working. Through diamond app banking. Card number 01831296608. Please let it start working or you refund the money thanks.

  42. Am vexed up with this unpatriotic of the service offered by startimes ,on 24th November 2017 I recharged with N1200 ,am on basic platform. This service ,I think it should be a month but to my surprised today 13th Dec 2017 nothing was obvious nor visual for the eyes to watch again.In a strict sense the 1200 only covered up just only 21 days instead of 30 days.Pls take note.I only report this one ,there are previous maltreatment which have overlooked But with this one I wan you to do justice unless I will stop using. My IUC no:02146596544.

  43. Please,I make subscription through gtb on Tuesday 19/12/17 but up till now nothing is showing am on basic bouquet. please something should be done or my money should be refunded back.my card number is 02027561277.

  44. I mistakenly subscriber #1200 instead of #1300 on fcmb mobile app and it was successful . since on 23rd DEC , 2017 .this is my acct no: 2984704016 fcmb smart card no : 01467134051.
    Ref: 02GL67451908904 and my phone no :08067900957

  45. Alexander Usiagwu O.

    Pls i need assistance on my account. I have recharge twice between 25th and 26th December 2017 with my access bank account. I have been debited and my decoder is yet to come up.pls help me ooo…. My account no is 02027389780.

  46. okanla Tunde Ibrahim

    Please,kindly assist me on this issue,i mistakely subscribe to the wrong number 02110439579 instead of this my own number 02110439576 the mistake there is last digit number,instead of 6 I put 9,through the bank, my bank account :3023732679 firstbank,name:okanla Tunde Ibrahim and my money have been debt immediately.this is my correct serial no :02110439576,my phone :08060096631,pls,help me solve the problem. Thanks

  47. Please I have recharge with my GTbank account, I have been debited and nothing is showing up 67258802180102113201 From Gt Startime no:01467450283

  48. I recharged this card 01831348320 smart one month on 5th January 2018 but it’s not showing.pls do something to help me out.

  49. Please help me out with immediate effect, i recharged last week saturday (1100) and yesterday friday i could not view any channels under nova which i subscribed to and i called customer care which i was told to do automatic setting which i did but nothing is being done. kindly solve the problem and return my stations back for viewing. my smartcard number is 02145969221.

  50. Hi, good day.
    I recharged my Startime with card No. 01831180813 on 27th Dec. 17 for 1 month but surprisingly on 6th Jan. 18, I got disconnected. Pl, what could be the problem?

    Nwoye C.

  51. I recharged last Sunday 14 of January with my startimes smart card number (02145938649) for one month now all am seen is smart card error please help with immediate effect thanks,the number my mom use is 07019261806

  52. I recharged last Sunday 19 of January with my startimes smart card number (01831312266) for now all am seen is smart card error please help with immediate effect thanks,my number is my mom use is +22679510906 or +22677459056

  53. Kindly, assist me.
    I recharged on Friday 26th, January, 2018 but up to now the channels are locked. I complained to your branch office but nothing changed
    This is the smart card no. 01831098844

  54. Pls, help me out with this issue. I recharged on 13th Jan, 2018 for a month under basic banquet but surprisedly my subscription has been cut off since 24th Jan,2018. Pls help me out.

  55. Ibrahim salihu Abdullahi

    my smard card no is 02146384037 i paid my startimes fee via gtb but still i dont have access to channels please help me resolve this issue . thank you

  56. I recharged my smartcard through my account online instead of #1300.00 my account was debited #1400.00 and the channels is not yet show .this is the smartcard no.01467224042 and the pin them loud for me online through my debited alert is 10942546728644.

  57. Dear Sir 

    I have mistakenly paid N1,900 subscription into my old IUC No. 2028965654 which was changed to 4622576942 which I’m using currently.

    Could you please help me and transfer the subscription to the current IUC No. 4622576942.

    Thank you for your assistance

  58. I made recharge on my phone from diamond bank #1300 since sunday and it has not been activated since that day till now and it was successful my card number is 02027660503 please help me check to this very fast and reply me pls

  59. Hello please kindly assist
    I recharged on the 24th of January under the basic bouquet for one month and today been the 4th of February my channels were cut off. This is my smart card number 01831096799 and my phone number is 08063237799 I will be expecting feedback

  60. ojo victor oluwashola

    Pls I want to change my decoder to new one that can use dish cos the old one is using antenna and d network is not stable

  61. Hello Startimes team,
    I recharged my Startime with card Number 01467378490 on 28th Jan. 18 for 1 month but surprisingly on 6th Feb. 18, I got disconnected. Pls, what could be the problem? I don’t understand this
    NB.pls ignore the earlier comment the date were wrong

    Best regards


  62. HRH akinduro Gbadega Robert

    Please I recharged for 1300 on this card no: 08172398558 & not been working till now, please work on it. My phone no: 08066410799

  63. Chemberlyn Okoroafor

    with great displeasure i write you this massage, i made a reacharg online at about 23hours ago and up till now my decoder is still unrecharged,,,my smart card number is 02110201532,,,pls am not happy at all,,,, you guys should stop stressing your costumers

  64. Hello Startimes what’s wrong to my decorder I try to subscribe but it could not go pls help my number is 02110851254 thanks.

  65. Oluwasanu Olorunsuyi

    My decoder is showing otd upgrade I try to exit is still showing same thing,pls help me,my card no is 02146443651.

  66. I don’t understanding this type of organization when I subscribe on 04 march 2018 today 4 days interval you disconnected me why remember u are not the only because I blamed my self

  67. Hello startimes I recharge today at about 2pm with these card number 02146362525 and till now my decoder is not working pls I need to know what the problem might be

  68. Hello startimes my decorder doesn’t open channells it says no service & no signal but yesterday it was working my no.is 02133701713 please help.

  69. Have subscribed through an outlet at Iyana Ipaja (JULIE – MIC SOLUTIONS )for my children for startimes basic package and was not activated. I called the owner of the outlet serially but only for him to latter reply me with insults. My smartcard number: 02027587309

  70. Startimes, i have subscribe for the 30gh subscription on the 13th of this month (march) and today been 24th the subscription is expired. Please i don’t understand because i have subscribe for the monthly subscription. My card number is 02139254460

  71. This the full dettal of the alert from gtbank CHANNELS
    Description : 737 MERCHANT PAYMENTS
    Amount : 1,300.00
    Value Date : 26-Mar-2018
    Remarks : 557391948442222949348418738517|01467207310|1300|Kamorudeen|999|TRANSFER from BASHIRU, KAMORUDEEN to GTBANK MOB MONEY REMITTANCE
    Time of Transaction : 12:44
    Document Number : my smart card number is 01467207310

  72. Adeseye Abidemi Folorunso

    I recharged yesterday morning up till now my account has not been credited.

    Account Name:Mrs Folorunso
    Smartcard Number:02146535359

    Kindly treat to enable my kids enjoy their holiday.

  73. My startimes decoder no. 02146365330 showed OTA UPGRADE. I tried to conform to the guide provided for the upgrade but it decline. It shows no signal after all effort. Does this mean that my decoder was hacked. Please I’m awaiting your urgent response. Thanks.

  74. I can’t just understand this new pattern. I subscribed via mobile app on the 30th of March and it just showed for a day and stopped. meanwhile when I tried calling the customer care number.
    08172398558 someone said is a wrong number. pls kindly ratify this. it can really be embarrassing.
    smartcard: 01831164647

  75. my smartcard number is 01831069128…it says subscription expired while it will be expired at the end of the month …please correct error so my kids can enjoy their holiday

  76. I recharged on 30th of March via mobile it showed for few days and stopped. What’s happening or should we stop recharging. My smart card no is 01831220344

  77. Pls.rectify the problem with startimes no 02145931243,I suscribed for two months before easter and now has been terminated.
    Waiting for your kind assistance
    Thank you

  78. I subscribed for the basic bouquet but I can only get the basic channels without the nova channels.. plz help. smart card nos-02027671178

  79. I recharged for nova package on 31/3/2018 via mobile App is expected to expire on 30/4/2018. To my surprise yesterday, I was notified DAT my subscription has expired midway to expiring date. Pls ratify the problem. Treat as urgent. Smartcard number 02110008046

  80. I bought a new Startimes decoder recently,the problem is that it is showing only Startimes Guide channel.What should I do about it?My Startimes number is 018 3155 4102

  81. i have recharged my startimes decoder since yesterday ……yet its only st guide that is showing……please give me my stations ……because u were quick to collect the money …..card number…..02146494409

  82. I made recharge on my phone
    from diamond bank #1300 since
    Thursday for Basic and it has not been
    activated since that day till now
    and it was successful my card
    number is 02110165493. please rectify problem

  83. I sunscribed for Basic plan through diamond bank #1300 since Thursday but the channels are not showing. My card
    number is 02110165493. please rectify problem

  84. Dear Sir,

    I subscribed for Classic-one month through “bill payment Via Gtworld -1014m0231805 to Quickteller internet interface since may 8, 2018. instead Basic banquet is showing my smart card is 02110764361

    my regards

  85. Good evening startime. I recharged on my card number 02027276405 but it is not showing me anything. Instead it is showing smart card error. Too bad!

  86. Hi just use GTB to pay for 1300 and debit me and its till now only the guide is showing please do something now

  87. Acct: 0124688202
    Amt: NGN1,300.00 DR
    Avail Bal: this is my detail I made this payment on the 15th via 737 my account was debited by GT bank, but I was not regarded. My card number is02027746767

  88. Am really disappointed with your officer who is in charge of Agege ,I recharged for 2months at fagba iju,Lagos.also I explained to them of poor signal,a phone number of Mr Samuel was given to me,I called him more than 5timess,but he promised to show up but I didn’t see him.this is 3rd WK without having access to star time,which I believed that your customers relationship is poor and I believed is time to change to Gotv and forget about star time.

  89. Hi, I subscribe on my decoder this month for nova 1 month and every channel was wiped out after two weeks…. Can I know why please

  90. Pls do star time have service center around Bayelsa, I offed my star time TV with remote in the night and leave it plugged but in the morning it refuses to power on.what could have happened

      1. I ve called the numbers and the ladies that picks the call said they re not star time care numbers. I ve contacted star time on Facebook but no responds

        1. No offense, but check the number you are dialing and try again. Because i just get through to them right now. Thanks.

  91. pls i have not been using my startimes decoder for the pass 2 years and now is showing smart card error and the smart card number is 02027030423

  92. please help amend,on 5th.june,2018. i subscribed for basic bouquet,paying #1300,but I can only see nova bouquet channels.

    1. Were you previously on Nova? If yes, contact customer care using any of the above contact details. If No, kindly restore your decoder (Settings >> Decoder Information >> Restore. Password is 0000).

  93. My decoder has been idle since 2013 I tried using it now it’s saying no signal and I tried to subscribe it saying this user doesn’t exist

  94. Good evening,
    Pls I made startimes payment for a customer 02027810652 for Nova package and channels not restored yet. Pls kindly help

  95. Akeju ayodele Benedict

    I recharge last night on my phone, all because of ST music, and star time music, and I can find it there, and that is what make me busy at home, this is my st card no,. 02110681233

  96. Adebisi Adedayo Emmanuel.

    ear team @Startime,

    I recharged my Star-time decoder via gtbank mobile banking on 10th of June 2018, to my surprise my bank account with gtbank was debited and my decoder was not loaded up till now.

    Kindly review,revert and do the needful.

    Decoder smart card number = 02110508930
    Gt account – 0015219085
    Name – Adebisi Adedayo Emmanuel.

    Thank You.

    1. Sorry for that Mr Jimoh.

      1.) The smartcard number you entered here is more than 10 (021463454658). It should be 11 digit.

      2.) When trying to subscribe, input the number as written on your smart card. For example, assuming your number is 01234567890, it should be input as 012 3456 7890 while trying to subscribe. That has worked for me recently.

  97. oderinde olayiwola

    I made a subscription of #1300 via accessmobile for basic bouque but till now I’ve noGood morning bro, my name is gbolahan from ijero, my dad said he discussed with you about Visa, He said I should talk to yout receive notification or channels Pls help smartcard no :02145696978
    phone number08064023389

  98. I made a subscription of #1300 via accessmobile for basic bouque but till now I’ve noGood morning bro, my name is adeyemi bosede the network is very bad av not enjoy it ooooo this is my phone number 08100390479

  99. I moved to my new building site about 7 seven months ago,unfortunately my decoder could not pick there due to the land terrain of the area,I then bring the decoder to my shop where I wasformaly using it ,I discovered the decoder did not work again, kindly assist to make it working again.
    Name:Dalemo Toyin
    SMC NO:02145942401
    Phone no: 08132387063

  100. I made a subscription for Unique Bouquet this afternoon via my online banking which was successful.
    The decoder is yet to be upgraded to Unique Bouquet.
    I did this in order to watch the FIFA World Cup matches
    Name: Adeleke Odesanya
    My card number – 02146409392

    Mails have forwarded to support@ statimes.com.ng & dm@ startimes.com.ng
    But am yet to get assistance

  101. please it been four days now that I recharge for FIFA world cup up till today that channel is not showing,if I missed today’s match am going to redraw myself from star time thanks code 02145901765

  102. Bakare Teslim Olatunde

    I made a N1300 subscriptions through the startimes recharge card this afternoon and I saw a message on my phone that my subscription was successful, but unfortunately I couldn’t see any channels showing on my TV set, Please help rectify it my smart card number is 01831640307

  103. Ajimo Abiodun William

    I made my monthly subscription of £1,300.00 for Basic Bouquet on 13th June 2018 at their office at Oba Adesida Akure beside Arowolo complex, to my surprise all the channel that i enjoy before were not there again, such as Orisun, Star Yoruba, AIT, Kungful, e.t.c kindly help me to rectify it.Thanks.

    Smart Card No: 02110602393
    My Name: Ajimo Abiodun
    Phone No: 08032171349

  104. The only regret I had this night was that I was watching the Nigerian match with Star times decorder. That should be the last time I guess because this “NO SIGNAL ISSUE” is the worse I have ever seen. You guys needs to start allover again. Goodnight

  105. Pls my name is Raymond my recorder number is. 02027675683′ I recharged today Saturday 19/06/2018 but my decoder is displaying no access-smart card no paired,pls what is the problem, I recharged through online,and if go to. my account it shows that I have recharged.

    1. Kindly make sure your smartcard is rightly inserted into the decoder. You can also try switching off and on the decoder. If none works, you should reach the customer care agents on phone.

  106. Good day to you. Please I swap my decoder with the new one, and uptil now it’s only nova bouquet I’m enjoying instead of one month free, I tried to contact the person that did the swap for me but nothing has been done till now, the smart card number is 02027211980 please help to correct this. Thanks

    1. The dealer lied to you. Swapping mostly come with Nova bouquet as against Unique bouquet the dealers tell people. You will have to upgrade to enjoy more channels Ma’am.

  107. adetiloye oluwatoyin

    my name is adetiloye oluwatoyin, please i need your help my startime am using at home is faulty when we use remote to do auto searching it will bring your password and we did not experience it. pls the card no is 0211686135. and my phone is 08069202250.

  108. Hello, I recharged my startimes for 1,300 to watch all matches of the World Cup. Only limited channels are showing and by the way the sport channel to watch the World Cup is not showing.

    Pls help Asap

      1. Recharge of 1400 for two weeks now and no stations has come up yet. really dissappointed. 02027764754.pls u guys should do something as soon as possible

  109. I have a problem I make a payment but is showing me ,No access smatcard no paired my card number 01831520967 please help me

  110. Ghali abdulkadir jae

    my complaint is i recharge 1000 naira today from my bank acct gtbank but not yet subscribe as at know.my smartcard no is 02145684887

  111. please I recharged 1300 yesterday with access Mobil and it was successful, but the decoder haven’t upload program till now,card no 01467382720

  112. Araen Asanarimam Shinge

    Dear Startimes, I have changed my decorder two times now but not to avail. It’s not working. It usually shows no signal. All efforts to call you proved abortive. Your Jalingo office said I need to buy a new decorder again but since about two months now each time I go to them, they will say there’s no decorder on ground.

    Asa Shinge

  113. Good day my name is Awwal Ja’afar i am using mobile TV M35 and the screen is cracked and not displaying well pls where can i get the replacement?

  114. Ogiri Kenneth Egbe

    I made a subscription of 1300 through GtBank *737*37*SMC*amount# for Basic platform yesterday being 04-08-2018 on my Startimes smart card 02110448252. I was debited accordingly yet the subscription is not showing any channel. Please help resolve. I called the CS must its not connecting.

  115. My name is ofunne Chinyere I have subscribe twice now for one week basic. you guys keep giving me only one channel (wollywood plus) am not subscribing to watch nollywood it is useless to me. it just like am wasting my money. give me news channels. if it continue I will throw away the decoder.

  116. Kingsley ihenacho

    Good evening startime, I am Kingsley ihenacho I subscribed for 2600 on 3rd been Saturday, since then is still showing ….this channel belongs to basic bouquet package, please recharge!

  117. I just open in ijebu ode, I want to add startime to my products as agent pls I need pvs account and other things pls help me out 08025623185

  118. Please have not subscribed for more than 2 years now, please want to know if I recharge I can stil use this smart card- 02027652859.

  119. Please, kindly help. I have made payment today via mobile app and I received a text from startimes notifying me of the successful transaction, up till now it is not showing anything. Kindly help.
    Smart card: 01831530617

  120. Why will pay for classic 2600 naira and you guys gave me basic, pls, kind retify this error.
    Card number is 02145795829 with name saidu

  121. Olaniyan Abiodun Micheal

    I subscribe since yesterday 8/9/2018 but till this moment his not working in don’t know what is happening and I received massage that is successful

  122. I buy a cart and I installed it in my decode properly but up tell now I’m not been enable to star watching videos …the information that it coming up in the television scream (E01:no input signal )pls I need your help thank you

  123. Ajadi Adekola Oluseye

    Morning, Do you have reliable agent in Ogbomoso Oyo- state Nigeria?.
    Is like the present agent is not competence or is a fraudster,
    I subscribe through that agent since last week Friday ( 14/9/2018) up til today (21/9/2018)i have not be able to access to the service i paid for it.later I went to him, he told me that he made mistake on my card number instead of 02146335875 which is my number he subscribe for this number 02146335874.Please help me to recoup my subscription.

  124. I subscribed for #900 on the 13th of September 2018 but on the 19th of September 2018 I was told my subscription has expired please help me out. What is it that could have gone wrong?

  125. Why is it that you can’t satisfy your customers with services you claim to offer?.I have subscribed just to see if you have improved but to my greatest surprise it is still poor service.pls I have subscribed to basic,my card no is 02027903790. Kindly give me access to what I have paid for

  126. I paid a Tv bills this morning on quickteller app and the transaction was successful but it has not yet activated on my decoder… what can I do about it? here is the decoder number 01467348892

  127. Awonge Godwin Amaechi

    I bought my Startimes decoder when i was living in Ebonyi state but now i have relocated to Lagos with thesame startimes decoder. I tried using the decoder but its not recieving signal and its still showing the Ebonyi channels like NTA Abakaliki. Please what do i do for it to start recieving signal now that am in Lagos.

  128. Hello i made a payment on gotv i’m subscribing 1900 but now i subscribed 3200 through diamond app but they have debited me but my account is still suspended please i need help

  129. I made a month subscription for nova on 13 of Oct and on 25th it informs me it has expired. old rectify this …the number is02145784538

  130. Good afternoon stertime,my name is Samuel,my subscribe on my stertime just finished day before yesterday also am gonna do subscribe today through online banking first bank which I have always used it show me that the biller is not found and I don’t why please help me check.
    Here is my smart card no…01831660684
    My name is Samuel.

  131. I made a monthly subscription for Nova on my startimes decoder since 25th of this month and it has not been activated up till now also also my bank account has been debited please help me to rectify the issue

  132. Mrs modupe Adamolekun

    I have made a payment since 25th of this month and the stations are not yet opened for viewing, my smart card number is 02110984669

  133. Mr saka saheed yinka, i made a monthly subscription for nova bouquet, on 25th of October 2018, with reference number 140474998128 with first bank, I was debit but the channel was not activated, I call costomer care twice and I was assured that my money will be refund since four day ago, up till this moment my money was not refund and account was not activated, my card no is 02145749974,

  134. I subscribed for 36000 for 3months in June but star novels was not given to me. Now l have subscribed for 1month at 12000 but still no novela Chanel. What’s happening? Have you increased the charges

  135. You guys has to upgrade your service now because almost all your stations are skipping and I enjoy watching it any more.please do something before I switch to other network. Thanks

  136. Dear Startimes,
    My decoder, with smart card number 021 1015 8842, has for about 2 months now been showing no signal with the indicator light on the decoder blinking, what do I do?

    1. I subscribed for my decoder on 2nd December and it was suppose to expire on 30th December but it expired this morning 5th December. Am scared since it is not the first time it is happening. My card number is 02036717636

  137. My decoder had a problem from Monday until now in
    In the tv screen show me No Service So,i want to know which problem my decoder it have?

  138. I don’t know what happen to my startime that is telling me to recharge and putting on on service,but it still tick black also i just use 17 days out of a month


    I recharged #1500 on 28th November for a month,and today being 6th December,my TV is showing no service,no signal, please recharge,02110097922, please what could be wrong

  140. TOluwalope Ayangbesan

    I subscribed for N1300 this month and found out that Orisun and some other channels were not showing and even till now.
    My card no is 02145771511. I am not happy with this issue because that is one of my favourite channels. Pls act fast to this complaint.

  141. I tried to subscribe my star time today via my phone but it surprising dat I didn’t get any msg from u.Moshood Oyelami. Smart card number 01467178637

  142. i made payment for smart N2,950 on 22/12/18 for one and the half month subscription due to the text message that i received on my phone on 18th of Dec,2018 for promo. Ever since then i could not access any channel on d startime TV, my card no is 02146496219. Am not happy with the services especially for this season. pls i would want you to act fast to my complaint. thanks

  143. Zakariyah Musiliu Setonji

    I have made a subscription through quickteller since on the 24th of December and up till now my account has not been credited, I have made several complaint through customer care line in that regard but the issue is not yet resolved.

    Smarts card number is : 01467074237

    Startimes Payments; Qiuckteller payment of NGN 1,300.00 for 01467074237 was successful. REF: 101404026410
    My contact numbers are: 08025013553,08026111318

    Please, help me to resolve this issue. Thank you…!

  144. I subscribed on d 21st December tru gtbank transfer. I paid N1500. My account has BN debited yet channels not released. My card number is: 02145849396

  145. Adetunji odunayo David

    I recharged my decoder since yesterday on startime app with smart card number 02027325409 nd yet it nothing work and my bank has debit me since

  146. Good Day,

    I subscribed for Classic one month yesterday via smart card no 02146235356 and was duly debited. But it’s still showing basic channels. Please help resolve


  147. Hi,i subscribe for 1900 package on smart card number 02145969741,was told my subscription was successful on 29/01/2019 till dawn it not working and they debit me.pls help resolve

  148. Please i subscribed 1000 bouque from my GTBank online bank, since on the 12th of February, 3 days ago, but its not activated on my startimes 02110068421. Please do something positive about it urgently.

  149. Ogundipe Olufunmilayo

    Please I recharged a basic package on Feb 13 online for a friend and on March 1 was told it has expired, please do something to activate it on time
    Smartcard no: 01831596552

  150. I subscribed for #1900 on my smart card number 01831415311.
    The star time is showing not subscribe that the subscription is expired. ..
    Please kindly resolve the problem of the smart card.

  151. Saheed Tunde Mohammed

    Online subscription of #1300 done 4 days ago through UBA e-tranzact has not been activated. My smart card no: 02145733098. Kindly rectify and activate it asap, pls.

  152. Folorunso Oladipo

    I am using a Startimes decoder and antenna. Lately, the service is bad to the extent that only few channels are showing. Others are bringing “No Service”. I am presently on Basic Bouquet. For this reason, I have decided not to recharge my subscription. Smart card number is 01831589056. Phone number is 08034233166. I need solution urgently

  153. I subscribe for N1900 to my account 018318004001 but it is still showing please recharge. Please help me check and rectify.

  154. I subscribe my startime over 1 week and some days, just today I turn on my startime and is telling me I need to subscribe. Please, this is my card number 02110056192 and this is also the card number in which I subscribed with,8188723188072355. Please do something about it. Thanks

  155. Good day. I am Azige Louis from Lafia. I subscribed for nova bouquet for a month via my mobile banking app. It worked for about two weeks and all the channels stopped showing. I subscribed yesterday again and till this very moment, non of the stations is showing.

    This is the sms sent to me after the subscription:

    Startimes Payments payment of NGN 900.00 for 02146190686 was successful. REF: 140495298733

    Please help verify and address the challenge appropriately. Thank you.

  156. oluwadirepo kehinde

    Good day, i subscriber for 1300 package through quick teller
    my transaction was successful but the channels is still locked card no 02145999402 my is oluwadirepo kehinde

  157. Good day,I recharged on d10 & 12 of this month of may & till now I my cable is not charged and all star time customer lunes re not going through. what is going on.

  158. Benedict Ogbeide

    My name is Benedict OGBEIDE
    I recharge basic today the 20th May, 2019 and the channels are still showing not subscribed. Please help me. My decoder number is 02110850795.

  159. I sub last week Saturday but till now, I still can’t watch,
    Name: Ajilore Abosede
    ID: 02145934197
    bouquet: Smart bouquet
    Amount: 600
    pls do something ASAP

  160. My name is Ahmadu Umaru, i had be transfer from Lagos to Rivers state and i left my decoder with my family, now re in port harcourt. How can i do to charge the decoder to new one?

  161. Olalere Akinlolu

    my name is Olalere Akinlolu from Ibadan infant we are disappointed in u by not show under 20 world cup to us

  162. I subscribed Nova via access Bank app and it was successful as my account was debited ,but non of the station is showing. please help as I called the customer line and not responding. My smart card number is 02110872714.

  163. I reachage our house startime before I went back to school last upper month, coming back this month I was told it does work throughout the month just showing only No service.And now HV recharge another one disnight July 10 still showing No service my smartcard no is 02027844057

  164. I think this complain is getting too much, we should all go back to gotv or get tstv is at available in the market now

  165. I subscribed for basic bouquet this evening via #1300 but I can view anything… I did the subscription at the nearby startime outreach.. this is my smart card number.. 02027515477 help me out to reconnect it thanks…

  166. My name is Aituamen Fredrick.
    My startime number is 02145909653
    I successfully subscribed my decoder yesterday, migrating from basic to the one thousand nine hundred naira bouquet. To this moment am still on basic, why

  167. Please i recharge with 1300 for decorder 02146605522 since 4th August 2019 from my access bank account please yet to work

  168. Please I recharge 1300 with decoder 02110284932 since 11th August from my wemabank account and it is yet to work. Please this is annoying and frustrating

  169. Osasona Olorunsogo Albert

    Albert Osasona I subscribe to Basic for over two weeks ago but its now showing me to subscribe and this is just two weeks of subscription my smart card number is 01831927973

  170. Dear Startimes,
    I recharged N900 for the nova since yesterday via my Accessmobile app. Transaction was successful but I still can’t view any channel except the free ones. Please assist urgently.
    Smart Card Number 01831054505

    1. my decoder no is 01831683870
      i subscribe 1300 to dis in 7 days ago now on d screen is showing it has expired
      pls how can you help me out or wat is happining
      waiting for urgent response

  171. Hello, I recharge basic one month #1300 on 5/09/19 and on 13/09/19 I saw on my screen to subscribe with almost the whole station block. My card no is 01831826445.
    How can I pay for one month and am being rendered service for 1 week.

  172. I subscribe classic banquet to my Startime yesterday 31 /09/ 2019 up to this time write not subscribe please help me as soon as possible
    This is the smart card number

  173. Good morning. I think it’s getting out of hand. I paid 2600 for a start time Subscription and still can’t view the list of channel paid for. Just showing little Chanel . It’s suck. I just did new subscription now. @ lawal rashidat. Smart card number : 01831586328.

  174. Good evening.. i just subscribed for one month start times Nova subscription and it’s still saying please recharge. My smart card no is 01467210548. Plz do something about it now.

  175. My name is Amadi Douglas since 3day now my startime no one show any thing after I have recharged #1900.they keep on telling me to plz recharge.these is the decoder number 02146090039 please u people should do something about it I done tire for this kind tin

  176. It’s been a while since I recharged my startime but I recharged it 5 days ago and it work fine but since yesterday now it’s has stopped working , it write not subscribe on the screen .
    The card number 02027814902

  177. good day,I subscribe to my decoder with hunsdred and fifty naira one card,but the thing isn’t loading what apple this is my decoder number 02110607494

  178. 02110155469 this is my smart card number, I recharged my card through a mobile app.called Opay but my decoder is not showing anything. Also my wife used her uba account yet nothing was showing since yesterday. Pls help

  179. Since I start using my star times decoder, If my one month subscription finishes, I don’t have any “Free to Air Channels” all it will be showing is ” You Are Not Subscribed to View This Channel” I think I deserve to have “Free To Air Channels” my Smart Card Number is 02139351275.

  180. Yusufu
    I have paid NGN 1900 on 23rd October, 2019 at 16:37 hours with is a subscription for a month on full package but now I discovered that this chancels are not responding World Football, Sport Premi and Sport Focus my smart card is 02110945208

  181. Sir,
    We affected payment of the subscription of the decoder No.02146223003 on the 30th October, 2019 through Union mobile but my decoder is blocked. kindly activated my account



    I did a 1900 Subscription but it still saying that not yet Subscribed. And the Subscription was made since on 9th Nov 2019. The smart card no is 02146389624. Please help me to look into it. Thank you

  183. The startimes subscription i made on 10 November stoped and saying subscription is expired
    Please i need help pls my account is 01831571820 miss kate I’m waiting thanks

  184. I subscribed basic 1300 for a friend on the 26th of November but it went off on the 6th of December that it has expired. I had to subscribed 1week again. Please help 02146119163. This the smart number.

  185. I subscribed on 10/12/19, I couldn’t view until 12/12/19 and after four hours it went off. And can’t till now. If I miss holygost service tonight I will throw star time away 02145942816.

  186. My subscription on Basic plan was renewed by third party, after two days notice of expired subscription was sent to me and service disconnected. Smart card number 01833098388. Please restore my service.

  187. I made a payment for one day startimes smart since afternoon and up till now it still reflect that I have not made any payment. Pls I need help, 01831640882 this is the smart card number


    I made a full package of 1900 naira since 6:30pm today, up till this very moment i could not view any channels here is my smart card number 02146254670

  189. I recharged on Saturday but only TB Joshua and star guide channels are showing, others are not showing, my smart card no:02110624558, Obabiyi Segun, pls do something fast it is hard earned money I used to subscribe.

  190. I used startime with card number 01831520928 but for the past two weeks now I am unable to view a channel and all the channels scrambled without showing.

  191. My decoder isn’t working for months now. Even the free to air station are not showing and after several auto search and manual search the response is that the channel list is empty.
    Please Help
    Smart card number: 02027901115 .
    Mrs. Onyinye

  192. I reharged since on Thursday but only startimes I quide are showing other are not showing,my smart card number….02110638739. I register with abiodun adegbite

  193. I subscribed since 29/03/2020. And I was unable to view it….. Smart Card Number is 02145915467 thanks Adeleke Oluwole

  194. I paid #1300 into my account-01831961397 on the 21st March 2020 which ought to expire on the 21st April, 2020.But to my dismay, it was disconnected yesterday.Please reconnect me back

  195. I recharged my decoder yesterday for N1,900 after many months l stopped using, it is showing me card problem. sometimes it tells me not subscribed. My card number is 02027586679.

    Please could you kindly rectify the account


    Peter O.

  196. I subscribed a week (300) on my account today 1st of April 2020 up till now I have not been connected. Please help. Thanks

  197. Hello, I subscribe to my startime on march 30 with 1400, I have been watching it since then, but I have no access to all the channel again except guild. I hope this is not ripped.

  198. Adegunle oluwaseun

    Please, what can I do orisu channel didn’t show.my card number is 014 6724 8362.please do something for me.
    Adegunle o.

  199. Enefola .I. Martins

    I subscribed #900 on my star time on 10/04/2020. It only showing channels tv station while for other tv station is showing smart card error. Please help me.
    The decorder smart card number is. 02110554128

  200. I did my subscription on Wednesday and it is not yes showing I paid #1900 what’s wrong the invoice no is mc_1175
    And I have sent you an e mail you never reply,pls kindly activate my startimes for me sir/ma

  201. Hello, I subscribed for one month Basic bouquet which is 1300 on the 17th of April, 2020 through my online Fcmb app. The decoder number is -02146282238. Since then till now, it has not activated.

  202. I subscribed mostly for basic bouquet but I noticed that classic bouquet is also #1,300 as well , so why is that when i subscribe for classic bouquet you placed my subscription on basic bouquet?
    I do my subscription via my phone , pls how do I migrate from basic bouquet to classic bouquet ?

  203. Otamiri Bartholomew

    Hello, I renewed my subscription today in the morning and up till now my account is yet to be activated… Confirm with my smart card number 01831060709

  204. I did a subscription of 1300 ( star time Basic) on 22th of April 2020, yet it hasn’t been reflect on the channel cos I don’t have access to any one
    Smart card no 02146535670
    Tajudeen Mustapha

  205. I paid 1300 since yesterday but the Dec order is still showing not subscribe. Pls my card no is 02110601184. Pls help to activate.

  206. Good morning ,am lateef olatunji I make a subscription of #1300 to bouquet package but to my surprise orisun not showing , pls I will be very much appreciated if u can help me out…..my smartcard num is 01467077686

  207. I recharged my StarTimes a day before yesterday with smart card number 01467198259, but am yet to view any stations, pls kindly help

  208. Pls my startimes decoder is coming on but has refused to display on my TV, and I have done all the necessary connections right. Pls what do I do?

  209. Good morning
    I have long subscribe my decoder and I wanted to recharge it. But I forgot the particular mobile number I us to register the decoder.
    Can I still subscribe it

  210. I was on NOVA before now and made payment yesterday for 1 month CLASSIC. Please change me from NOVA to CLASSIC Please. (02110187171)

  211. I did a on month subscription,basic plan-1300,and it only worked for two weeks,I don’t understand.smart card no-01467338777

  212. Hi, I subscribed to my smart card last week via online payment and it was successful but couldn’t see any channel presently. It keeps telling me to subscribe. Pls rectify. Thanks

  213. Please I mistakenly subscript on IUC no. 01831207949 for Usman Yusuf as against IUC no 01831287949 for Mrs. Affiong Ukpong on Friday 8th May 2020. Please kindly assist to revert this subscription to Mrs Affiong Ukpong.


  214. Good day,
    I subscribed for nova 900 yesterday which was successful but I am still receiving go and recharge message…
    Pls help…
    Oyedele Hakeem

  215. Please I subscribe 1300 yestaday and since den is not showing. Anytime I open the station it will be saying pls recharge pls wat can I do

  216. Lawal damilola saheed

    hello my name is lawal damilola saheed
    it been a long time that I have sub into my decoder then every time I on it click OSBC ,NTA or any channel it says” No inserted card”then I removed the card I cleaned it with cotton wool it still the same thing. pls help me am confused what if I load card onto it does it show?
    my Startime is 01467441611

  217. Please I subscribed 1,300 yesterday, through access bank app,, it showed succefuly I checked my decoder CA settings , I went to subscription I saw that it has been subscribed.. But no channel is showing ooo. They are saying not subscribed..

    My decoder 02110897361 please fix it

  218. I subscribed for a week on my startimes on july 1… But unfortunately I can’t watch it again since morning now.. Please help me check it decoder card number 02146059119

  219. Adeolu Moses ADEYINKA

    Good evening
    I just subscribe my startimes decoder although it’s been long I did that last . Am still having issues with it coming up
    The card no is 02027236380

  220. I recharged my startime on Sunday Evening
    I did Nova 1 week and basic 1 week but it’s only Nova that reflect on the TV the basic did show at all, it’s showing pls recharge
    My card no is 02110835810 olatunde olusegun

  221. pls I recharged my Startimes for more than 24hrs now and up till now it has not shown anything. I recharged for Basic #1700.my card no is 02110180431.

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