Startimes Subscription Prices and How to Renew 2021


Renewing startimes subscription is as easy as transferring money via mobile banking platform or recharging your phone in 2021.

You can easily recharge your startimes decoder using quickteller website or app, ATM, banks mobile apps and gtbank 737 simple banking ussd code.

The means of payment in this article allow you to pay 24 hours everyday including weekend and public holidays.

Startimes Bouquets or Packages Prices

As you know, startimes Nigeria has different subscription for decoders using dish and those using antenna.

Also, each of these bouquets has daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions. Below are all startimes packages, merchant codes, ussd subscription codes and their prices in Naira.

Both dish and antenna decoder users can subscribe to nova bouquet.

Other bouquet for antenna decoders are basic and classic while that of dish are super, Sports Plus and smart.

Below are the prices of startimes subscriptions in Nigeria:

  • Classic: 2500 Naira
  • Basic: 1700 Naira
  • Nova: 900 Naira
  • Chinese: 6600 Naira
  • Super: 4200 Naira
  • Smart: 2200 Naira
  • Sport Plus: 1200 Naira

Daily Plans

This is the cheapest plan and it will last for just one day (24 hours). Here is how to subscribe.


  • Price: 90 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617928
  • USSD Code: *723*240617928*90#


  • Price: 160 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617931
  • USSD Code: *723*240617931*160#


  • Price: 320 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617937
  • USSD Code: *723*240617937*320#


  • Price: 200 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617934
  • USSD Code: *723*240617934*200#

Weekly Plans

It is valid for just 7 days (one week) after which you will have to renew the subscription.


  • Price: 300 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617929
  • USSD Code: *723*240617929*300#


  • Price: 600 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617932
  • USSD Code: *723*240617932*600#


  • Price: 1200 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617938
  • USSD Code: *723*240617938*1200#


  • Price: 700 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617935
  • USSD Code: *723*240617935*700#

Monthly Plans

This is the highest plan with one month (30 days) validity. You can recharge before or after it expire.


  • Price: 900 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617930
  • USSD Code: *723*240617930*900#


  • Price: 1700 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617933
  • USSD Code: *723*240617933*1700#


  • Price: 2500 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240670497
  • USSD Code: *723*240670497*2500#


  • Price: 2200 Naira
  • Merchant / ATM Code: 240617936
  • USSD Code: *723*240617936*2200#

Pay for Startimes Subscription Using Quickteller Website

You can easily renew your subscription on startimes Nigeria using quickteller website, mobile app and ussd.

Before making any payment, make sure your startimes decoder is On.

  • Visit startimes payment page ( on quickteller website with your phone or pc browser.
  • Select the bouquet plan you wish to subscribe for from the drop down menu.
  • Enter your smartcard number, email and mobile number.
  • Hit the continue button.
  • You will be redirected to a billing page.
  • Choose your debit card type (Visa, Master or Verve) then input your card details.
  • Click on the Pay button to complete the transaction.

Your subscription will be renewed and viewing will be restored in 0 – 10 minutes. Quickteller will charge you 100 naira for this transaction.

Renew Startimes with Quickteller App

If you don’t have quickteller mobile app installed on your phone, navigate to your device app store and search for quickteller. Download and install quickteller by interswitch limited.

To pay using the mobile app, follow the steps below.

  • Launch quickteller mobile app.
  • Tap on the Categories tab.
  • Then tap on Pay bills.
  • Select cable tv bills from the listed options.
  • Tap on startimes payments and select the subscription plan you want to pay for.
  • Enter your smartcard number and tap on Next. The price and your email address has already been auto-filled.
  • Input your debit card details and tap on the pay button to complete the transaction.

Your viewing will be restored in couple of minutes. Charges of 100 Naira applies.

How You can Recharge Startimes Using ATM

Yeah, that is correct. You can renew your subscription using atm.

  • Visit the nearest ATM.
  • Insert your debit card, enter PIN Number and select account type (Savings, current or credit).
  • Choose the Quickteller option from the ATM menu screen.
  • Select Pay Bills.
  • Choose Others, enter the merchant code of the startimes plan you want to subscribe for and Press Proceed. Check merchant codes above.
  • Enter smartcard number when asked for customer reference e.g 05xxxxxxxxx and Press Proceed.
  • Follow on-screen guide to complete the payment.

How to Pay for Startimes Using USSD Code on Mobile Phones

Using interswitch ussd code based payment platform, you can easily renew your startimes Nigeria subscription using any mobile phone.

This only work when you use the phone number registered to your bank account.

You can renew your subscription by simply dialing the short code *322*1*subscription code*amount# on your mobile phone.

For example, dial *322*1*240617942*3800# to pay for one month unique bouquet.

Check the code for each of the bouquet plans above.

It works for all Nigerian mobile networks (MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobile) as well as Verve, Visa & mastercard of all banks supported by interswitch network.

Renew Startimes Packages with Gtbank 737 Mobile Banking Code

You can also recharge your startimes using gtbank *737# mobile ussd code.

  • Dial *737*37*Amount*SmartCard Number# on the phone number associated with your gtbank account.
  • Amount is the price of the plan you want to subscribe for. Smartcard number is the 12 digit number on your startimes card.
  • Complete the payment using the last four (4) digit of your gtb Naira card or 737 PIN.

Other means of payment is your various banks mobile banking apps.

Launch the app and navigate to Payments/Pay Bills >> Cable Tv >> Startimes >> Select bouquet plan >> Complete payment.

There you have it guys on startimes subscription. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.


This article was most recently revised and updated on May 7, 2021


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  1. Balogun yetunde

    My name is Aderopo Balogun, I tried to recharge my startimes decoder on 5th Of May, 2017 around 7.54pm using GTBank i.e. *737*37*800*02110611274# and the four digit password followed. till now my startime swas not recharged and my account debited plus 100 naira serviced charged.

  2. My name is Jefferson John with smart card number 02110064588 I recharge via mobile banking and it was successful but it refuses to show picture almost twelve hour now please help me fix it thanks

  3. Please I recharged yesterday via quick teller for classic bouquet but after I was debited #2400, the subscription I saw was that of basic.
    Card number 02146554930
    Phone number 09080668895

  4. timothy emeghar

    hope is gotv stil maintain quality and standard?
    i recieved a text of a special offer, 20/10/2017. to dail 08069850000 and input my IUC 4613196268. uptil now beyond 24hours am stil waiting for the activation.

  5. Blessing Phanuel

    My name is Blessing Phanuel, I subscribed my using mobile banking today by 6:37pm and the amount was deducted with an extra 100 naira charges but up to now its showing I should subscribe pls help me fix it

  6. Sarah emukah G

    My name is ginikachi please help me and rest it please this is making it two times please I don’t like it, I need startimes number

  7. I want to subscrib with my phone today and they are telling me the card number is not correct.01831113717.card number.08035073430 phone number

    1. I also encounter the same with quickteller when i tried to recharge about two weeks ago. If you are trying to pay with quickteller, then use the below format.

      first 3 digit space next 4 digit space last 4 digit. In your case, it should be 018 3111 3717. This works for me, if it doesn’t for you, you will need to contact their customer care.

      You can also try it for other payment gateway.

  8. kelani habeebat motunrayo

    pls I recharged my star times today at 12:16 pm till now it has not worked or recharge my name is kelani habeebat

  9. Abdullahi Seidu

    Hello i want to subscribe now on my phone
    it’s writing service biller not found please kindly help me out 02110786705

  10. how do i make my subscription online or with my mobile phone with startimes recharge card?


  11. kola-jebutu olatunde

    pls Orisun is no longer working on my 900naira package for about a week now. 02110764213

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    1. Godwin Monday Julius

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    Please I recharge my Startimes for Basic bouquet since 6:30pm, on the 6th-04-2019. up to this moment it’s not active, Please kindly do something to solve the problem, my Startimes card no is 021 45785657. Phone number 08037784460. Thanks.

  16. Please I recharge my Startimes for Smart
    bouquet since 2:15pm, on the 14-04-2019. up
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  21. Chioma uchechi chiekwr

    Hi I just subscribe with my UBA mobile banking and it has not been activated
    Please help me out.


    I paid for classic this evening through my first bank account. Up till now (9;13), the only channel showing is st guide. my smart card 02027778748.Please assist to connect me and restore the channels

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    I’ve not been able to recharge my decoder through my my phone and account number since 3 days ago

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