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DsTv Promo ~ Step Up, Upgrade and Get a Boost 2022


Hey there! Remember the Step Up promotion that Digital Satellite Tv subscribers enjoyed between August to October last year? Yes, that Upgrade and Get a boost on your subscription dstv promo. It is back and better.

MultiChoice which is a South Africa based company and also the parent company of DsTv has re-introduced the promotional offer that numerous of its customer took advantage of couple of months ago.

You still don’t know what it is or how it works? Relax and finish reading this article.

DsTv Promo {January 2021 – May 2021}

The way the step up or upgrade and get a boost promo works is that, you subscribe to a package one step above your current plan and you will be upgraded to one above it within 48 hours.

I bet you are still confuse but let me explain.

Let’s say you are on DsTv Yanga package right now, if you pay for Confam (the one directly above Yanga) you will be upgraded to Compact.

So, just pay 4615 Naira for Confam (2050 Naira more than Confam plan fee) and enjoy 7900 Naira Package (5335 Naira discount). Interesting right?

The same thing applies to those on other packages. Meaning;

If you are on Confam subscription before, if you pay for Compact, you will be upgraded to Compact Plus within 2 days.

Meaning you pay 3285 Naira more than your current plan and enjoy 12,400 Naira plan (that is 7785 Naira discount)

Similarly, if your current subscription is on Compact and you subscribe for compact plus, you will be boosted to Premium package within the next 48 hours.

You pay 4500 Naira more for Compact Plus to enjoy Premium channels (this gives you 10500 Naira discount)

Note that according to MultiChoice, this offer is available for all customers both active and disconnected.

Wrapping it Up

MultiChoice Nigeria comes up with different types of DsTv promo at least once a year but this is one of the best i have seen in recent times.

It is available for all subscribers on Padi, Yanga, Confam and Compact subscriptions. They refer to it as step up promo.