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The Risk involved in Man Utd signing Osimhen has been exposed

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The Risk involved in Man Utd signing Osimhen has been exposed

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Rio Ferdinand, a former Manchester United defender, has expressed his concerns about the potential signing of Victor Osimhen from Napoli.

Despite Osimhen’s impressive record of 23 goals for the Serie A club, Ferdinand believes that it would be a risk for United to sign him due to his lack of experience in the Premier League.

While Osimhen has proven himself as a successful No.9 in France and Italy, Ferdinand questions whether his skills are transferable to the English top flight.

However, Ferdinand also acknowledges that Osimhen ticks all the boxes in terms of ability and goalscoring, and that the only unknown factor is his ability to adapt to the Premier League.

In comparison, Ferdinand believes that signing Harry Kane would be less of a risk, as he guarantees 20-25 goals per season.

“Osimhen is a different kettle of fish. He’s 24, he’s scored goals in France and now in Italy. Won the league (in Italy) and knows how to win leagues.

“He’s been a No.9 at a dominant team in the football league. Is that transferable to the Premier League? No one knows that. That’s the chance United would have to take on him.

“That’s the only risk I see. He doesn’t know the league – that’s it. Ability-wise and profile, goalscoring, he ticks every box, but there is an unknown factor in does he know how to play in the Premier League? Can he adapt to the Premier League?

“But I wouldn’t see that as a big risk. I’d take either of those two and I’d be happy but the one thing with Kane, he guarantees you 20 or 25 goals a season. There’s no doubt in your mind he gets that when he comes to Man Utd,” Ferdinand said on his VIBE with Five podcast.

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